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Vampires Real or Myth?

Updated on March 22, 2012

Hello Readers

Welcome! Vampires have become increasingly popular over the last 20 years. A few hundred years ago to even speak the word vampire was to imply supernatural witch like activity and you was probably burnt alive or worse. Now we have vampire shows, movies, outfits, books etc. Now with that said some people actually believe that real vampires exist and still are alive today. Others are drawn in by the myth of it. It is almost mystifying. Just like anything that deals with the un-dead it is quiet a show. So with supporters and believers on both sides, my question to you the readers is a simple one. Real or Myth? First we have to go back hundreds of years and explore the history of vampires before we come to a safe conclusion. So no matter what side you are on lets lay out some facts about vampires.

He must have looked something like this ;)
He must have looked something like this ;)

The First Vampire

The fact is only a vampire can make another vampire. So with that being said where did the first vampire come from then? The answer lies within the Scriptures of Deli. In the collection labeled The Vampire Diaries/Bible (ever seen the show? pretty cool huh?). The first vampire did not start out as a vampire at all. He was a human named Ambrogio. He was an Italian-born adventurer whose fate brought him to Delphi, in Greece. A series of curses and blessings transformed this young man into the first vampire. Specifically, it began with the sun god Apollo (Greek Mythology) in a fit of rage he cursed Ambrogio, so that his skin would burn whenever it touched sunlight. Ambrogio's string of bad luck continued when he encountered another god. This time Hades, Ambrogio gambled away his soul to Hades (the god of the underworld). Although, it wasn't the end of his bad luck as he encountered yet again another god. This time it was the Goddess Artemis (Apollo's sister) who is the goddess of the moon and hunting. She made it so that Ambrogio's skin would burn whenever he touched silver. Finally the blessing came soon after Artemis taking pity on the poor man's soul he was granted with the gift of immortality. It wouldn't offset his curses of burning in sunlight and by silver but he would maintain his current young man form. Not only that, Artemis gave him the speed and strength to become a hunter whose skill was only second to her own.

Now the term "Blood-sucking" is called hematophagy in medical terms just so that you aware what it is called. This was also included in the blessing by Artemis. In the vampire origin story, Ambrogio hunts swans and uses their blood as ink to write love poems to his lady Selene (ever seen the movies Underworld? Pretty awesome). Even though in all reality this would be very creepy by any normal human being standards, it wasn't unusual to do what you wanted with what you hunted in Greece.


The first Vampire Clan

So now that we know who the first Vampire was and how he came about to being a vampire lets talk about the first clan of vampires. Ambrogio later moved back to Italy, now what we call a full fledged vampire, and legend traces him back to the city of Florence. It was their he started the first clan of vampires. No one knows a lot about this first clan of vampires, other than these humans that joined were most likely willing volunteers. They was drawn in by the promise of power and immortality. Which is exactly what they gained along with the curses as well. It is believed that the curses would continue for any vampire where their souls would remain in the Underworld. They could return later to claim their souls but then they could never leave the Underworld. From what is known in the history of the vampires is that later the clan grew in size and strength. Until infighting caused something like a "civil war," within the clan and many vampires left to build their own clans. As for what happened to Ambrogio and the ones that stayed with him is largely unknown. Though many believe he still resides in Florence with the ones that remained loyal to him.

This is the story of the first Vampire clan that is told in the scriptures of deli.


Types Of Vampires

Their according to what was written in regards to vampires, that each human who accepted the blessings and curses from Ambrogio depending on certain technicalities was gifted with a certain type of vampiric gifts. This is what was believed to have caused the "civil war" between the original clan. Well anyway it broke down into these types:


For more information on these types of vampires you can look them up. These are just four relatively documented types of vampires. Each site will say more or less but these four have stayed relatively on the list for a number of different sites. So for this purpose we will go with those four (no pun intended) .

Popularity Of Vampires

So why are vampires so popular in our society versus 1800's? Well its all about perception. Back in the old 1800 days vampires were perceived by society to be morbidly sinister creatures who had no self control and had a thirst for human blood. They had no regard for a human's feelings and simply took what they wanted without a thought for the body count left behind. Which in turn they was painted as monsters and was feared (no kidding right?). Today however, vampires have evolved from the once feared creatures of the night, to vampires who exhibit lots of self control and compassion. Who lead this campaign of change in how the world received them? No other than your everyday TV. TV writers, big screen producers, book writers have all influenced and promoted vampires in a new light. As this new breed of vampires are more sympathetic to humans and have entertained intimate relationships with them. In turn casting vampires into a different kind of light, (from the darkness of the bloodthirsty beasts they once was referred to as) and pop culture has come to adore the unselfish and disciplined vampire. Gothic, emo, and darker personality types have rose to higher numbers over the last decade. If you look around a lot of the youth has turned to a gothic type of dress (if you want to know more about that style of dress there are lots of different really nice pictures of the style on google). It also has a lot to do with Mythology. Or better said the "good versus evil" style. Darkness and evil is not always the intention for a gothic-vampiric followers. Some of them are like the vampire with the good compassionate heart that is considered a freak or misunderstood. Although some of them fight the fight of using this style as a symbol of evil doings.

Take A Stand On it!

Vampires Real or Myth?

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In closing

With some of the documented facts about vampires, my question to you remains. Real or Myth? Whatever you have decided is just fine with me. I remain an open minded person. So if you read this article from start to finish, I'm going to take a wild guess here and say you probably have some ideas or questions of your own? Well feel free to leave me comments at the bottom of the page if you wish. Thank you for reading and I hope you have enjoyed the article. :) Until next time readers ciao!


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    • profile image

      Tinaphan2004 3 years ago

      So vampires are real? didn't know. But how can the Greek Gods turn him into a vampire? Did it just pop on him like POOF? Or no? Maybe he touched something that was posioned? But who knows.

    • profile image

      Katerina 4 years ago

      I believe in vampires but I don't believe that Greek gods made the first vampire ambrogio. Something/someone else made ambrogio into vampires because all I know is for sure that Greek gods don't exist.

    • profile image

      Laterika 4 years ago

      Vampires are real who's to know if there real or fake you will never know intill you see one

    • profile image

      Ivy Bobkins 4 years ago

      I believe in vampires who say we shouldn't you never no until you see one

    • profile image

      Percy Arfeen 4 years ago

      could u please tell me on what sources did u base your essay on?

    • profile image

      edward cullen 4 years ago

      well; no one should think vampire real it is such a myth ugh but i should tell you guys something breaking dawn was sick i love edward and bella they are cute together and i love alice and carlisle im finsh talking now bye.

    • profile image

      BLAHBLAHBLAH 5 years ago


    • Mistressoflove profile image

      Mistressoflove 5 years ago from Rhode Island

      Baylee I specially put that video of amy lee on this page because of what you saw. Not a lot of people catch it. It took me a while to catch that as well. :)

    • profile image

      baylee 5 years ago

      am i the only one who saw the amy lee thing?

    • profile image

      VampireQueen 5 years ago

      I think anything is possible you know, how are we to say something iz real or not? . I would love 2 c a real vampire , I probs wouldn't want 2 b come 1, but I'd love 2 c real vamps