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Vanity Gone Bad...

Updated on January 27, 2012

Vanity Gone Bad…

It is written that the great King Solomon after the many wives and concubines, a result of being blessed by God with the utmost of wisdom and riches… summed up life with the cryptic phrase, all is vanity. But I will venture to say that nothing that Solomon in his personal life and from his subjects can mirror the vanity that is plaguing us today - it is true that the Bible warned us that in the last days, many of us will be lovers of self and nothing is more true than the vanity we are witnessing in Hollywood and among the regular folks. Those who walk the jagged walk of fame and shame in Hollywood are the ones taking being vainglorious to unprecedented heights; blame it on the new media advents like Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter, which feed our every urge to be heard, seen, and exposing that which used to be and should remain private.

As I write, many in the media are still salivating over the lengths the Pop star Beyonce and her husband went through to secure privacy for the birth of their first child and many who were patients at the hospital and would-be visitors are still vex with the star couple for the vanity displayed under the guise of privacy. Of course we all know that the pictures of Beyonce’s baby will be sold to some magazine for an outrageous sum and some of the very people who complained about the birth of the baby being tend to at the expense of the other patients will be the same ones buying the magazine to gawk and live vicariously - it is a vicious circle. There are those who have deliberately recorded themselves doing all sort of personal, private things, even having sex to garner fame and it is this love of self that has generated many of the reality shows.

Does anyone get the feeling that there are celebrities yearning to be in the spot light so badly that they will do anything for said spot light; you watch them peddling their books about being abuse and it is as if they are happy to have been abused to be in the spot light. You also have the feeling that these fame seeking celebrities or those seeking to rekindle the embers of fame are dredging their respective lives for any event of note to engender sympathy, if it meant being in the limelight. Notice that when the late Michael Jackson was on trial for pedophilia… all those stars who showed up at his funeral and hogging the limelight were no where to be found during his trial. Last week, I saw Patrick Swayze’s wife peddling unflattering pictures of the late cancer ridden movie star, ostensibly to show his valiant fight and dignity… but in reality it was for publicity for the pending book the wife wrote. In the same vein, movie star Elizabeth Taylor wrote in her will, compelling her lawyers and family that they she must show up fashionably late to her own funeral - I wonder if the hosts of Heaven were impressed….

Now and in the near future, we will witness many of us doing even more outrageous things to satisfy the vanity demon, be it self-made sex tapes, giving our children outrageous names, fake marriages, disfiguring plastic surgeries, and the despicable children beauty pageants of the Jon-Benet-Ramsey mold. Many a parent child rearing habits will be put into focus and events done in childhood will be brought to the fore, whether warranted or not to fan the flames of fleeting fame… even suicide is being used to fan this flame and it is why we have the term now, suicide-by-cop.

What tattoo, what weird name can we give our children or perhaps we could wear a suit made of pure meat Ala Lady Gaga, all in all to feed vanity. Incidentally, with everyone competing for vanity/fame, there is a Rabbi down the road who, when He speaks, multitudes gather; He is also turning water into wine; healing the sick; cleansing the lepers; He’s also literally walking on water; and raising the dead, so much so that many of the celebrities, wine sellers, doctors, undertakers, and those in transportation are hating this Rabbi. We are told by reliable sources that they plan to kill and will succeed in killing this Rabbi, but the Jewish Prophets say he will walk out of the grave on the third day with the keys to life and death and He did… making the very devil hellishly mad… compare to all those glorious feats this Rabbi did and is still doing - indeed all is vanity!


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