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Varied Self-Perception Defeats Drama

Updated on March 12, 2011

Varied Self-Perception Defeats Drama

      I've noticed a trend in my series of ups and downs pertaining to electronic harassment.  You can be put at a disadvantage with delusions of Christhood, Devilhood and just pure egocentrism.  If the whole World hinges on your decision, that makes for DRAMA which is used to traumatize your consciousness.  You have to learn to fade into the neurological woodwork of your mind, usually by re-affirming to the self that SOMEONE IS PLAYING WITH YOUR MIND, this isn't about you and you'd hate to be made a fool of when all this is over (hopefully in this lifetime).  That makes reality still reality and can save you from being driven mad by whatever scenario is being presented to your mind. 

     These people are master psychologists and can know stuff we might not even know about ourselves.  This means that it is very important to VARY our comings, goings and our mental state as often as we possibly can.  Whatever-this-is is not above telling you that you are a sacrifice, must like Christ was.  I tried to be one, but all it did was turn my mind to mush for the next 6 months.  It will also say that there is some kind of Rapture where your consciousness will actually leave your body.  It truly felt like I was about to.  If you choose to make this "leap of faith", don't let anyone "bring you down" by distracting you in any way.  The "fall" can kill.  Better to meditate upon the slow frequency with patience and humility.  I don't doubt that something is coming, but I think we are meant to survive this tribulation on the physical plane. 

    Keep on changing your mind. Sometimes, it pays to see the self as indestructable.  None of this physically harms, it's the PSYCHOLOGICAL erosion that we must be concerned with.  Just be the immovable object, then move all over the place.  The more predictable your mental actions are, the closer you are to becoming brain-dead.  Sometimes it pays to just sit still and do nothing.  This allows our receptors to re-sensitize.  These guys specialize in getting us to run ourselves into the ground.  Learn to PACE YOURSELF. This group will encourage you to over-tax yourself neurochemically, then nail you when you are "down".  

       They nearly got me two weeks ago using an emotional attack.  This is a psychic jungle.  ANY psychological opening to:  sadness, fear, anger, depression, overuse of meds can KILL you inside.  Even my positive emotions can only be felt in tiny increments, followed by a mentally-elusive subterfuge to prevent that emotion from becoming tainted by a despicable thought.  Outside that, I'm pretty thick-skinned.  If something CAN disturb you it WILL be tried.  By being "cold" in the first place, you save yourself a great deal of trouble.  Clinging to those "God Waves" will shut out all obscene thoughts, but you have to FOCUS ON IT EXCLUSIVELY.  Look at the TV, a passerby, anything to get your attention can lead to you having a serious "fall" replete with your worst fears and very disturbing mental imagery.  So you need to pick your fights/times you "live passionately".  By being calm and remaining still, you tune in to "The Whisper of God", your mind calms and heals. 

      They will actually excite/push you in various ways.  In time, you can recognize what is NOT YOU.  Think as your opponent does with the understanding that you are not on their side.  They'll give you the illusion that you ARE ONE OF THEM.  It's just another illusion.  It doesn't matter.......just keep going inside your head.  You can use the hook-line of a favorite song to shut them out for hours, you can listen to music, listen for the God Frequency, make a game out of it.  Let NO EMOTION rule you or they WILL use it against you.  Simple activities like cleaning your surroundings imparts a sense of control and gives your mind room to think randomly. 

      You can construct inner personae and novel reality-inventions to shut off their subliminal messaging.  They might call you "crazy", but I say better "crazy" than electronically-controlled and missing my soul.  They will call your jamming of them "chatter".  These guys just don't get the concept of Free Thought.  It's all Black or White.  Sometimes it pays to be PURE.  This process can be augmented by voiding out your entire consciousness/memory, allowing you to ascend to the "Higher Code" much easier.   

      This higher frequency does change you in subtle ways.  I know a lot more about avoiding "forced sin" which is just a precursor to a planned break with reality for you.  I feel somehow connected to a higher collective that magnifies the existential consequences for each action I make.  Buddhism will really help you out.  If you become the void, you cannot be convinced to think anything you don't want to.   Meanwhile, your more deeply-seated unconscious mind manages to control the body. 

      You might want to simply "stay in the boat" and listen to the Higher Code.  I have a limited attention-span and still like to live like it was before all this Electronic Control happened.  This is OK as long as you know the dangers of this world in the back of your head.  Some days, I've got to keep my eyes closed for an entire workout.  ANY distraction isn't affordable, plus I like leaving with the feeling that my mind hasn't been stained by any psychic garbage.  I seem to become more intelligent/aware without these psychological blemishes.     



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