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Venezuela's Chavez Dies And Here Comes The Conspiracies....

Updated on May 27, 2013

Venezuela’s Chavez Dies And Here Comes the Conspiracies…

Like the typical soldier on the battle field, most of us do not rejoice when our enemy falls nor am I going to do so now over President Hugo Chavez’s death at age 58. Yes, President Chavez was a champion of Socialism and the charismatic face of the ideological opposite of what we have here in America… and yes, we may be happy that Chavez is gone, but I know that I speak for the majority of Americans who wished that Chavez’s demise had come via the ballot boxes instead of what seemed to be a painful bout with cancer. But even in death, the ideological war between the USA and Venezuela is not over; for even in Chavez’s death, Venezuela put out an official broadcast that the United States had given its President cancer, which resulted in his death.

I am yet to search the Internet, but I am certain, as I write, that the conspiracy theories are legion, which are already giving credence to the Venezuelan’s broadcast that, indeed, America had somehow given President Chavez a lethal bout of cancer, and moreover, wanted to make it hurt by painfully prolonging said cancer for two long years. Now, I wonder which administration was responsible for Chavez’s cancer? It is true that President Obama can do no wrong… and even though President Chavez received his diagnosis some two years ago, somehow the blame will be allocated to former President Bush, the younger, notwithstanding the fact that President Bush was long gone when President Chavez received his terminal diagnosis.

I supposed that the conspiracy theorists will augment and buttress their position that President Bush is to blame for Chavez’s demise by invoking President’s Chavez’s infamous speech at the United Nations… where he said that former President Bush was El Diablo (the devil) and that he could still smell the sulphur/brimstone - tell tale signatures of the Devil’s presence - because President Bush had spoke at the United Nation’s podium shortly before President Chavez did. Perhaps, the conspiracy theorists do not have the cult-like fawning love that the Media and many have for President Obama and that our current President will be blamed for authorizing Chavez’s death. More than likely, if President Bush is not directly blamed or President Obama, the onus will be placed on rogue CIA operatives… working on behalf of President Bush.

The question that begs itself is why kill President Chavez and not Putin, Amadenejad, Castro; and why subject Seal-Team-Six to the potential danger and the breaching of Pakistani sovereign air space to take out Bin Laden when we could have used whatever conduit we used to deliver the alleged malignant cancer to President Chavez on Bin Laden. I know conspiracy theorists have the answers and cogent reasons for not using our convenient assassin’s weapons on those other enemies named above, but I want a second opinion like from the New York Times or the Washington Post.

President Chavez was the flag bearer for the poor in his country and that part of the world, even more so than his mentor, Fidel Castro; there are many that cannot and will not understand why the Agape-like love from the poor masses for Chavez… but, perhaps, it is a testament how they were treated in the past by former governments… even though on a closer look, we can objectively see that President Chavez did not conspicuously improve the lot of the poor masses during his rule. On a more serious note, notwithstanding the jesting and satire I have engaged in pertaining to the two countries' rivalries and alleged conspiracies… the fact is that President Chavez prematurely died and left children that are hurting and so my condolences to his family.


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