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Verdict on Trump: No Collusion but Obstruction?

Updated on March 25, 2019

For three weeks before Mueller's report arrived, the U.S. Attorney, Barr, was told by Mueller that he could not decide whether Trump is criminally liable for obstructing justice, in some manner. Barr also found out that Mueller cleared Trump that there was no evidence of collusion between Trump and the Russians. So, when all the VIPs were asked about if they knew of any conclusions Mueller had decided upon, they all lied about it because now we know Mueller had disclosed it to Barr and no doubt Trump, who appointed him, also found out.

The deceit and lies from this administration simply continue on a daily manner. Trump is just another "Nixon" in this regard, who was impeached nearly. Granted, no evidence of collusion was found involving Trump, per se, so he can rub this in all the Democrat faces, but there remains more battles within this war on Trump. They all deal with facets of his businesses and how they may benefit Trump. They deal with many questionable practices within the Trump orbit. These may or may not rise to being criminal, but you can be sure the Democrats in Congress will not let this man get away until every road and path has been gone down and fleshed out.

As many have said, this may be detrimental to the Democrats in the 2020 election because it could appear like a true witch hunt just like it was for the real thing in the Salem witchcraft hearings long ago. Whether Trump's seemingly obstruction in the past two years to derail Mueller and Comey's investigation rises to criminal levels or not, the next year will continue along this vein. It may prove to many voters in the middle to appear like bad blood among the Democrats and how they just hate the man, as a person and president.

Of course, should evidence start to show Trump's obstructive comments and actions did rise to meet the legal definition, even just a few of them, then, the pendulum could swing the Democrats way as a proving point. But the battle to have the full Mueller report made to the Congress and public still remains. Many have suspicions that the WH legal staff will be able to censor parts that are damaging to Trump, or that, Barr will do the same at the behest of Trump. There is just no trust between the Democrats and Republicans and that will only get worse.

Because Trump has lied so many times since 2016 and proven to give the public fake news or only part of the truth that benefits him, the seeds of distrust are now well rooted in many. The Republicans are rather scared to take on Trump and call him out about McCain, only a few were willing. Just what are they afraid of? Some kind of retribution from Trump, like a verbal bashing? Why are they so wimpy? Yet, privately, they dislike Trump, the man and personality but are afraid to publicly take him on.

Both parties have their far right or left fringe freaks, their devout, blind, followers. Both parties act in disgusting ways, at times, as do some of their followers. They both have their own agendas and say some vile things that prompt those fringe elements to kill. Most of these are from the far right fringe groups, but the left has their own also.

What America needs now is a third party for those who are in the middle of both the groups. Forcing the middle group to choose between the worse of two evils like in 2016, will only sow more chaos in America. Hopefully, this will not happen again in 2020 and that some Republicans will have the guts to run against Trump.


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