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Veteran For Peace

Updated on August 6, 2014

Author Kerry Miller

Veteran For Peace

I joined the military in 1992 as a medic, and in 1994 I experienced first hand how my short time in the military effected my young marriage. My son was born while I was at Fort Sam Houston and when he was 3 months old my wife left me and she took our son. I don't blame her because I was the one gone all the time. It was at that time I wanted to be able help other soldiers that were going through similar situations. It was then that I changed my MOS (job) to a Chaplain's Assistant so I could spend more time with the soldiers and help them and their families.

After serving in that capacity for a period of time I changed my MOS again to a Career Counselor. I served in that capacity till I got out in 2002. When 9/11 happened my heart just broke and I knew that the soldier and their family would need more support now that ever. That is when I started 'Freedom Celebration'. It was a live event to support and encourage the veterans, soldiers, and their families.

While I am proud of my service I am just as proud of what I am doing now. It is my desire to bring hope, encouragement to those who have served, those who are serving, and their family's. It is my hope that our government will use much wisdom when deciding to send our troops into harms way. It is my desire that we learn as humans to love each other. I am tired of the killing, the deaths, the scars, and the emotional pain. I am a veteran for peace.


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    • S Leretseh profile image

      S Leretseh 3 years ago

      ...few typos:

      --It was a live "event"

      --"encourage the veterans, soldiers, and their families"

      -"While I am proud "of" my service,"


      Highly laudable to be so concerned with the welfare of others. As for the gov't ability to use "wisdom" these days, I won't hold my breath. Why in the heck, after 14 years(!) are we still in Afghanistan?