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Veterans For Ron Paul March 2012

Updated on February 22, 2012

Obama With A Troop Backdrop

photo by anhonorablegerman on Flickr
photo by anhonorablegerman on Flickr

Veterans For Ron Paul March On Washington

You might be forgiven if you did not realize that there was a Veterans For Ron Paul 2012 march that took place at the White House today, 2/20/2012 , as that is exactly how the news media outlets wanted it to be. Certainly, the mainstream media and the government it serves would rather distract you with gas price manipulations or the New York Knick's Jeremy Lin and the ESPN "chink in the armor" comment - both manufactured propaganda in subtle form. Santorum can ruin a good dinner at a meet and greet with 15 people and it gets broadcast live on CSPAN, but a march by masses of troops in support of the Republican presidential candidate will hardly be noted on any reputable news website unless it happens to be a related back channel blog that was posted by a concerned citizen. Unfortunately, the issue goes much deeper than a Ron Paul blackout this time. It is all so very clear that the media will go to any lengths to ignore Ron Paul and his message in order to downplay his support, but this time it is a question of the military striking down free speech like a sniper might strike down a protester in Syria, and those two realities may not be separated by much of a gap as we continue into 2012.

The Veterans For Ron Paul March proceeded through the streets of the capital as participants chanted "President Paul" and "End The Fed." There was a moment of silence that honored each soldier that has fallen abroad or committed suicide since President Obama took office. No one wants to die without feeling the purpose, and so it is that more active duty military and reserves support and contribute to Ron Paul's campaign than any of the other "candidates." His message of non-interventionism resonates at a higher frequency despite many trying to claim it is isolationism. No isolationism is in fact the current policy of world policing which is what is actually isolating us from the world and causing hate for Americans. The soldiers understand best that the incessant wars only benefit those in position to profit from the war expenditures. They understand how things are and that the government has successfully manipulated the public into believing that Iran is the number 1 threat to the United States. 32% now believe that, according to a recent Gallup Poll, although I'm sure that most could not point to a concrete reason why other than that they heard Newt Romney say it on one of the recent debates.

The active duty troops, reserves, veterans and family supporters were marching in defiance of an administration that is easing into removing liberty from the individual. They turned their back on the White House in a symbolic gesture and marched despite orders from military top personnel not to do so. A leaked email by several active duty military has revealed that high ranking brass would stifle their freedom of speech in the name of DoD Directive 1344.10 paragraph which would prohibit them from marching in a partisan political rally regardless of whether they are in uniform or civilian clothes. The senior attorneys do not seem to get involved when troops are rallying around Obama, in fact Obama has even used troops from OTHER countries, to his political promotion, but dare not stand for freedom and the message of Ron Paul or be threatened with dishonorable discharge. Do not the people who are willing to die on the battlefield for a document (the Constitution), that no other candidate on either side besides Ron Paul stands behind, have the right to support publicly that man? Is not sometimes dishonorable actually honorable?


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    • profile image

      Tim Utz 6 years ago

      Nice reporting, Thank you for replacing the MSM, This type of reporting is the future, the MSM is quickly looking like the old 8 track tapes.