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Vialations of the human rights

Updated on August 20, 2016

Look closely to them, feel their sufferance and their sadness, HELP THEM !

People nowadays acknowledge how bad our situation is. They know that somewhere in the world there are families, children, elderly who are starving or living a nightmare. But still, they act as if they haven't heard a thing. I have a question for you, how can you sleep at night after seeing this pictures of theese poor little kids, these angels who sadly, wasn't their fault to live in misery or in war. You may have a child the same age they are, would you stand still and not react ? not help them get throught their sufferance ? These people try to survive everyday in such horrific conditions , they starve to death, they get killed and shot at in the most hidious ways. And still, we cross our hands and do nothing ? Let's take syria for example ! Aylan, Mansour and thousands of people die everyday, every second of our lives. They live in terror, wait for their turn to die but also try to hide, but they can't hide for too long.. Our presidents from all around the worlds, those monsters who spend the people's money on complete rubbish and refuse to donate and help them. Is this a world you'd like to live in ? Cause it's our reality, and you know what so good about it ? It's that if you don't help eachother, one day you'll be treated the same. That's life, it's a circle of actions. All of us should be helpful and thoutful. All people around the world should stand up together and put an end to terrorisme, starvations and wars. So let's help the needy people and make a change to our world to live in a better place.

For any donations please click on thos link and help us out ! Even small donations can make a change :)


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