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Vices and Virtues of Vice-Presidential Race

Updated on July 14, 2016

It looks like Bernie Sanders have lost all hope to become the next President of the United States because he recently expressed expectation that if Hillary Clinton becomes the official Presidential nominee from the Democratic Party, she does not choose her Vice President from Wall Street. Seriously, if he’s so close to giving up, maybe he shouldn’t become our next President? But if not him, then who? We all know that when U.S. Presidents come to the Office, they choose their own “partners in crime”, including Vice President, with whom they participate in the Elections as a “two for the price of one” kind of deal.

Truthfully, I have no idea who Donald Trump would choose as his running mate, but if I were him, I’d join the forces with Ted Cruz, the next popular candidate from the Republican Party, or someone that American public may like. However, when it comes to Hillary Clinton, one can only guess who she will choose. She may ask her husband to run with her, making him the first U.S. President to return to the Office as Vice President after serving as President. However, I think this country is getting tired of all “the firsts” and may not go for it. After all, it will then look like a family mafia is running the whole country.

Hillary may, of course, pick someone who is going to keep an eye on her and ensure her loyalty to Wall Street and U.S. Military-Industrial Complex, her main benefactors. That would be very bad news for American people because then we will head straight into the World War III with Russia, China and maybe even India. Given the amount of Chinese and Indians currently residing within the United States, our country will soon be in chaos even if no nuclear weapons will be used by anyone.

Her last and most logical choice, therefore, would be to pick a dear old Bernie Sanders to become her running mate for the Office. She will then show to American public her non-existent compassion and ability to share her wins with former adversaries, ability to negotiate and join forces with “the enemy” in order to reach her goals, and the wisdom and sneakiness of a snake that, let’s face it, she probably is… And hey, she will then keep all his voters who would otherwise probably go and pledge allegiance to Donald Trump, a Media-made enemy of the whole political “Establishment” and of the lower income U.S. population alike. This sounds like a win-win situation, but the question remains: “If Bernie Sanders is given a chance to run with Hillary Clinton and become the next Vice President of the United States of America, will he allow our Missеs President to stage an all-out World War that will definitely evolve into a war on American soil?” If he does, we all are doomed. If he doesn’t, we may still have a chance, but why risk it? Let’s just vote for Donald Trump and “make Russian President Vladimir Putin very happy”, as Mrs. Clinton have recently put it in her desperate attempts to win this ultimate prize needed to rule (and destroy) the World. Perhaps then we will have a better chance of avoiding a nuclear war on this Planet.


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    • profile image

      Yama Soul 19 months ago

      ARE YOU READY FOR HILLARY!? she SUPPORTED these bills -Foreign military intervention -Wall street bail out -Patriot act -Foreign US military intervention -Death penalty -Keystone XL pipeline -2006 Border fence legislation -Offshore drilling and as Senator, Secretary Of State & First Lady she was been part of these scandals and more!

    • profile image

      John Sullivan 19 months ago

      It's official Hillary broke the law as per the FBI.

    • profile image

      Nigerian Crowbar 19 months ago

      Hilary Clinton has my vote. Im not voting for her because shes a woman- she happens to be a woman and the strongest candidate in my opinion- But tell me this, are you not voting for her because she is? time for change.

    • profile image

      Robert Barber 19 months ago

      Clinton was on the Wal-Mart Board of Directors for six years from 1986 to 1992. In 2016, Alice Walton (of Wal-Mart) donated $353k to the Hillary Victory Fund. Hillary says she is a "progressive who likes to get things done", but she seems more like a corporatist who likes to get money and will maybe claim to be a progressive if that's what is trending at the moment.

    • profile image

      Eric Sen 19 months ago

      It she could have been connected to 9/11 somehow people would still vote for her. The primaries are rigged.

    • profile image

      Jeffrey Amazing 19 months ago

      "After taking care of my children for 5 years, I'm going back to work" Well good for you lady, glad to hear you're rich enough to take a 5 year unpayed vacation. 75% of Americans are not able to, and are still waiting for new laws concerning maternity and paternity leave. They are not counting on Hillary..

    • profile image

      Ass Buts 19 months ago

      Clinton's back in office? I think we have heard enough sexual scandals and misconduct.I hope we can come up with better choices!!!.keeping people in office too long leads to corruption.

    • profile image

      Cody Mcgonagill 19 months ago

      Probably because she knows she isn't going to be president. So she is probably thinking if she holds her mouth just right she can be vice president.

    • profile image

      Muhammed Constantino 19 months ago

      I love the fact that a Hillary Clinton ad is full of comments supporting Bernie Sanders. Shows what the american people actually want.

    • profile image

      Dark Reaper 19 months ago

      Bernie Sanders and Donald trump are both talkers and doers. (other presidents: only talkers, not doing any action..) I like to see talkers and doers as president! Trump or Sanders?

    • profile image

      Zdenek Marek 19 months ago

      Hillary killery for cell block queen ! do not stop at white house go straight to jail you sleezy degenerate hag

    • profile image

      Dale Lagrange 19 months ago

      Hillary Clinton must be thanking the lord that Donald trump is gonna win the republican nomination.

    • profile image

      Lindsay Anne Fong 19 months ago

      I'm a woman and I would never vote for Hilary Clinton. The problem isn't that it's white hetero males comprising the 1%, the problem is that there is a 1% to begin with. Even if the 1% was comprised of black lesbian females, we would have a problem! Like the infamous cantankerous jew we have all come to love has said - now is the time to unite!

    • profile image

      Daniel Bain 19 months ago

      we don't need a socialist we need someone that will HELP the vets. VOTE TRUMP 2016!

    • profile image

      Jason Banco 19 months ago

      I feel like I'm being sold something. The way she presents her campaign is reminiscent of a local Ford dealership commercial.

    • profile image

      Rodney Wallace 19 months ago

      anything but trump

    • profile image

      Grace Terrell 19 months ago

      She is a fraud..listen to that fake voice...She could never be anyone's hero....

    • profile image

      Yulianna Rafailova 19 months ago

      Either way whichever of the three wins the election is just gonna be an old white president back in the Oval Office

    • profile image

      Giovanni Naranjo 19 months ago

      If you think this woman is "fighting for us" then you're you are stupid. Shes fighting for big money and special interests. Shes a lying corrupt monster.

    • profile image

      Sara Sanghera 19 months ago

      Hillary is a criminal..

    • profile image

      Mike Hunt 19 months ago

      Brashakar. They are all busy in Arkansas unloading drug planes for the Clinton's or being murdered possibly by them?

    • profile image

      Andres Peirano 19 months ago

      Soros like Hillary hates the USA..

    • Brashakar profile image

      Emily Ford 19 months ago from Tennessee

      i came here looking clinton supporters. where are these clinton supporters?