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View Gangstalking as Good Vs. Evil

Updated on August 25, 2011

Good triumphs Within, Stalkers Lose

Today was a very good day, despite high-intensity ear-ringing throughout the day (even now). The key again is finding the slower frequency AND holding onto it as though it were God's voice protecting you from the 9th circle of Hell. I've used many medications, was successful with blocking materials............but at some point, you have to go outside. When you are used to being sheltered from "the rain", going back out into it really hurts. Your mind feels less able to cope with the barrage of just plain awful thoughts.

I was taking an anti-depressant (Milnacepran) from an overseas pharmacy, but it never came exactly on time. When this happened, the electronic harassment increased threefold. This meant laying in bed for days with the music up high day and night with shielding when the really disgusting thoughts began getting in. You cannot rely on any one thing if you are using physical means to prevent this harassment. However, in each case when it seemed that I was in trouble - ONE THING never failed me: my faith that God exists and that the slower frequency is his voice.

The world is filled with distractions, particularly things that lead your mind down a path leading to insanity and mental invasion by only God-Knows-What. Whatever-this-is profits directly from every sinful thought/deed it can get you to think/do. It draws your eyes to whatever your heart desires and then tortures you for so much as THINKING about whatever-it-is (in my case, attractive women). It can control you without you being aware of it. I've spent most of my life trying to pursue the pleasures of: sex, vanity, feeling really good and thinking very little. Without knowing it, you become CONDITIONED to immediately react to various stimuli which are always one of the seven deadly sins.

Once you are sufficiently "trained" to think like this, you run into situations where your eyes get drawn to all the wrong people at all the right times to render you insane. Three years ago, this almost drove me to suicide. That isn't all: you feel this very powerful influence introducing the most disgusting ideas to your mind. You are depicted in every possible way as the most awful person you can imagine. Combine this with your ringing ears, physical pains and all the appropriate stresses at all the right times and you get to the point that you are at "the end of your rope". When you are weak enough, you will feel a very convincing illusion of something trying to break into the core of who you are. You will either repel this fatal attack upon your "soul" or you will be "eaten" (in stalker parlance), possessed, significantly changed (often the person acts and thinks so differently that you cannot recognize them).

It is very interesting to test yourself. If I do ANYTHING out of impulse: anger, sexual thoughts, even speaking without thinking first - the most hurtful things emerge from me. It's like the minute I take control of my body without thinking about God, my mind is filled with disgusting ideation which I find very disturbing. Without a means to shut out this "bad influence", it becomes questionable whether free-will is possible for anyone being gangstalked. You can create a physical shield or take medication to shake this influence from you. For that time you feel free..........but in my experience, I've always had to go out into the world and "face the music" on my own. If you cannot bear the heat and you lack whatever you use to escape this awful grip, you'll be in trouble.

I've been without my anti-depressant for a week. The key at first was becoming disgusted with myself for being so weak. This anger and pride will allow you to get out there and do something intense to prove you still have what it takes to fend off this "influence". This can kick-start a dying inner-self, but when you've had your fun: it always is necessary to take more medication to keep the intensified electronic-harassment at bay. You are given just enough rope to hang yourself and when the time comes that you are: overly-tolerant to medication, out of over your get very intensely attacked. In other words, you must keep your tolerance to that "ringing in your ears" up sufficiently to fend off attacks designed to "take you down" when you are at your weakest.

There is a better way. You LEARN to focus on that "Lifeline Frequency" and you do this to shut out the "Mind-Trap Frequency". But that won't COMPLETELY shut out this horrid tempest of awful thoughts. Who can you run to in EVERY case to cause these "bad thoughts" from tearing your mind apart: God. How do you keep yourself from having these horrific thoughts "shoved down your imagination's throat?" You cling to that "Salvation Frequency". You immediately repent in your mind for ANY BAD THOUGHT and get right back to listening for "the whisper of God". I went to a movie recently, not anything you'd think was lurid or sinful (The Transformers). Your eyes are drawn to covet those beautiful women on that screen and you must ACTIVELY FIGHT off these feelings or else every other horrifying thought gets in.

Well, for once I fought with all my might not to look or think about them. Although it was rather difficult and stressful I managed for the most part to avoid being contaminated by these "traps". It could not have been accomplished without: listening for that "Salvation Frequency" and immediately repenting for ANY thought that could be "tainted". It worked and I came away with a minor headache and feeling better about myself. I also felt that my sense of self-control was strengthened and that my head was somehow clearer. It was VERY DIFFICULT to resist these "temptations". I advise those being stalked to not even go to movies or watch television because you are much more open to having your mind viciously assaulted and weakened. This goes double for your kids.

I grew up on television and movies. The message was that it was cool to be "bad". People who were "prudes" were made to look weak and ridiculous. Even being "evil" was the way to get what you wanted. I actually made a religion with the purpose of getting sex and a sense of power. I'd spent all high-school planning my transformation into someone who sought sexual gratification at all costs. It did in fact become rather easy to get exactly what I wanted. It was like "being bad" gave me a winning personality. The thing is that the media may have served as a device to teach us all the wrong things so that later we could be slaughtered internally when this "Electronic Influence" came into existence. Maybe and maybe not.....but the New Entertainment is more like a "food processor for minds". You are baited with every possible "sin" and guess what? Your reward for following along is that your mind is in severe danger of being "Invaded". How's that for a raw pay to be led to believe in things only to be severely punished for following along followed by the termination of your free-will.

The World is a dangerous place for a naive mind which seeks popularity/gratification at all costs. People who are "in" often refer to themselves as "aliens".......and when you feel the Ultimate Assault you will feel just like a malevolent, black creature is attempting to take over your mind. All I know is that this "mental invasion" has spread like a deadly virus. I don't know what it feels like to be fully invaded, but I have my suspicions that what lies beneath someone who IS might not be anything like you or me. This mental-invasion has been around since I was a child. Many times I met people who made my head feel funny, like they were trying to get into my mind. In my crib, I could feel an unwanted presence that made my ears ring and brought awful feelings. If this is true, then the world is largely composed of people whose minds have been "programmed".

If you don't want your mind to be severely assaulted and then "invaded", you must learn to separate yourself from this "bad influence" which is best viewed as "The Devil". If you regard it as an "alien invasion", then you'll just freak out and wind up placing your mind in peril. But if you believe in God (which is not irrational) and you seek him in that "Salvation Code", your mind is perfectly safe from being "infected". You will sometimes feel as though hanging onto this "voice of God" is the ONLY thing keeping these horrific thoughts out. You may feel yourself clinging to it as the "flames of Hell" are just a hairs breadth from getting at you. It feels so good just to be free of these thoughts. When I fought the outside influence to "sin" (in my case coveting beautiful women), something in me became stronger in battling this "invasive influence".

In conclusion, there is a battle for each of our souls which is heating up right now. Ten years ago, I was just starting a temp assignment and I met the person whom I was replacing. She warned me: "You will NOT like these people, they will hurt you!" Boy, she wasn't kidding. NOW the workplace for me has been completely overrun by people who really: stress you out, run you ragged and leave you feeling like your soul is being crushed. It got so bad that I became unable to handle the stress that felt as though it was "eating me alive". It is possible to be around others who are "in", but if you do what they are doing your mind is future lunch-meat. When it becomes so bad that the only way to keep your mind sane is by praying and listening to that "Lifeline Frequency", this indicates something very ominous may be around the corner. There are many short-term solutions, but without God you'll find yourself in dire straights. Just try resisting "bad thoughts and actions" - you will find that it is very hard to do without using the techniques I've just mentioned.


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      7 years ago

      The use of some appearance of moral filter to the thing they do, gives a background of opposite forces, to try to reinforce their role as some judges to programm us. They try to do the Pavlov dog thing on us or the other way around try to identified with them - perhaps thinking that illudes in an excuse to do all they do: experimenting, torture, no ethic,no moral, only some agenda. I do the things I choose then they do more torture and let's said that the world knows (a induction of perception) I think it's my private life, my free will, I decided period (even I don't know is with influence or not I put the faith on the idea, through the notion of Higher Being), the only judge is me.

      The tape is always the same, the script is: I give a headache to them, that I don't care about them (they use the oposite ideas even mixed ones and I almost don't give feedback,observe), this ones are the usual, at first they call me names too. They are trying real hard to disconect me with my notion of the Higher Being to get me, they don't want spiritual notion,bound to a higher conscience and freedom, because this notion give strengh, orientation, show the true, they don't want people that have a glimp what is behind the cenario, dangerous to their planes.

      In job they do all the bogus they can. They have resources and I have the Higher Being.

      Higher conscience will always win, they try to put in us scare and helpless, but with conscience we have, even we walk in dark we will always have The Light, inside us.

      The profit they try to get on us, in all the way, soul, mind, body, being, will be in vain, they can not get what is not theirs, we have property of our being by conscience, we are really at safe, we are spiritual beings. Sometimes they said too that they have hungry they want to eat. And since all things in universe are energy,feedback is energy...and cultivate land is good and gardenning the world, so pleasant idea ;D

      Yesterday I saw a movie at free air, the "Agents of Destiny",of course they tried to do their things with people surround :D me and in mind, but in the around I try to take off the notion of intention in and no thoughts on it. And in mind, even when I do not see or pay attention to all thoughts the Higher Being filter that ;). What can I said? Life is good and we deserve.


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