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Views On Consequential Amnesty

Updated on October 19, 2014
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Greg has many opinions when it comes to politics and education. He has no qualms with voicing his opinion..

Disclaimer: These are my views, and only my views. All comments are welcome!

It is my opinion that at least 80% of the problems and issues we have in society today is due to consequential amnesty. Let me explain...

When we as humans are born into this world we are given rights. As we grow, with those rights come responsibilities. More responsibilities are attained as our bodies grow and we mature.

Looking at the outside in, I see where mankind in a large way has neglected the responsibilities while basing everything on their "rights." Sure, all through time this has happened, but judges, priests, leaders and others would guide the people back to their responsibilities and would punish those who needed punished.

What we have today is consequential amnesty.

Our jails are full-give them probation for embezzling $80,000.

Yes, he molested 3 children, but he is sorry and says he won't do it again, besides he is the brother-in-law of so and so. Just a fine will suffice.

He killed that whole family, but he was doing that drug that made him do it. Five years in prison is enough.

Consequential amnesty is destroying the world.

Fear Factor

It is shown that many humans will not attempt something if they have a fear of doing so.

Society has taken that "fear factor" away with light, almost non-existent punishments.

If people knew that they could possibly get their hand chopped off for theft, wouldn't the occurrences of that crime depreciate? I believe they would.

I am not saying it is good for such extreme punishments, but there needs to be a line. The justice system has become much too lenient.

Our system has created a monster. Humans are not scared of punishment, they feel the consequences are worth the actions.

Not Just Crime

This subject reaches out much further than crime and justice.

The fact is: Everything starts out with the family.

Parents do not raise their children to respect others.

Teachers cannot scold or punish students for fear of parental reprisal.

More and more children are committing worse and worse crimes.

Consequential amnesty has become the norm, not the exception.

The Answer

There is no "simple" fix to all of this.

I do know it must start in families.

Consequences need to be instituted and followed; both good and bad. When a child does something good, they need recognition and when it is something bad, a penalty must be given. The penalty should fit the offense.

From there, we must put our justice system back on track. i believe plea bargains need to be cut and every citizen pays the consequence for their actions.

"But our jails are full."

I say find new and innovative consequences. Many of the people filling the jails would be taught stronger lessons if they were forced to pick coffee or cotton. Make them do the jobs others do not want to do.

The Mirror

If everyone of us would take a look in the mirror and ask ourselves what we can do to stop consequential amnesty, we could halt this growing problem.

We must all realize we have responsibilities and if we do not fulfill them, we have consequences. There will be no amnesty if you neglect your mortgage payment or electric bill, so you pay them.

If humans know there will be no amnesty if they kill someone, rape someone, or steal a simple item, I believe the percentages of these crimes will decrease substantially.

It is time:

STOP Consequential Amnesty!

© 2013 Greg Boudonck


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