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Views on the President

Updated on June 30, 2013

Obama Making a speech

 creative commons/ via / The photographer of this photo does not endorse or support this article.
creative commons/ via / The photographer of this photo does not endorse or support this article. | Source

From Hope and Change to No hope for change

As President Obama’s approval rating plummets to a new low, many of his supporters are asking themselves about now; what happened? “How could we have been so wrong about this junior Senator from Illinois that took Washington by storm?” Where is the hope and change that was so gallantly promised us 2008? Well, hope may be scarce but the change is everywhere, America went from being an industrial leader to a poor credit risk, the American dream, once viewed as the very epitome of freedom, has become an economic nightmare.

While President Obama cannot be blamed for all America’s woes, we cannot deny that he is certainly a contributing factor to it. One of his biggest blunders was Obamacare, the Democrats “must have” health care plan that forces all American’s to buy health insurance. The unpopular health care bill was passed against the will of the people and has been ruled unconstitutional in many states. Then there was the failed bailouts followed by one failed jobs stimulus bill after the other.

Today the New Jobless Numbers are out and once again they have loomed to over 400,000, this coupled with a weak foreign market the Stock Market plunged well over 400 points in the negative. How is the President handling all of this? He's booked a stay at Martha's Vineyard for a little R and R before tackling the budget and the Economy. This is a much needed respite considering the grilling that he was just given in the heartland. Obama underwent some hard and often harsh questions about America's future and the economy, to which he defended himself and his policies thus turning a deaf ear to the voters. Like most other leaders Obama is avoiding the economic issue because he simply doesn't have an answer to the problem and is seemingly too proud to ask for help.

America wants results

The President has promised a new jobs bill when he returns from his vacation but would not say exactly what the jobs bill would contain. Many in the nation's capital are afraid that it is just going a rehash of his four other previous jobs bills. None of the Presidents other jobs bills did anything to provide jobs or spur the failing economy. They were just different avenues into the endless black hole of unaccounted spending.

These smoke and mirror tactics only fuel the anger of the almost half a million Americans who remain jobless. They are tired of the blame game, where all the nation's problems are laid at the feet of the prior administration. They want answers not just more empty promises from a detached Government. This Anger was personified today when the leader of National Black Caucus, Maxine Waters said " We are tired!"

This cry was a mere whimper to that of the five million plus homeowners who have been foreclosed on, foreclosed on by some of the same banks that their tax dollars were used to bailout. Many of these former home owners are unemployed due to the economic downturn, whom no bailouts exist for them nor their families.

The Nation's economic woes are far greater than just that of her suffering families, entire Major cities such as Detroit, once the auto maker capitol of the the world is now becoming a ghost town, leaving this once great, industrial, giant to become a slum. This urban blight is not isolated to Michigan and could soon spread across the entire country, unless our Government is willing to hear the voice of the people and becomes willing to simply buckle down and "get 'er done!"

However, the American people cannot play the victim in this situation our country is in, they are more the participant here than the victim. America has not been seized by some foreign power, or by an act of aggression,rather we chose democratically the present leaders of our nation. There was no hanky panky at the polls, Barack Hussein Obama was clearly chosen by the people to lead our nation. Therefore the blame for our nation's poor leadership, or total lack of leadership rest squarely on the head of Mr. and Mrs. John Q.Public.

Facing the task at hand

Where we are in the current administration can best be summed up like this, Imagine for a moment that you are the hiring manager of a major corporation, and you have a high level position to fill and no one to promote from within. A resume' comes across your desk that doesn't quite have the time on the job you were looking for but is impressive none the less. You bring the young man in for the initial interview and he blows you out of the water with his charm, knowledge, and style. He goes on to captivate the entire interview process like this. You confidently submit him to the board of directors as " the man for the job."

Impressive as he is, concern arises from the "old heads" that he just doesn't have the experience. Despite their objections you argue your way past them and give him the job. After a year or two of being in the position it is obvious that you have made the wrong choice and that your new hire just doesn't have what it takes to do the job. To make matters worse because of the nature of the job, it is not one that you can use OJT to train up on, you either know it or you don't. Now he's embarrassed because he has "bitten off more than he can chew," You're angry because you were taken in by the speel, and the company is suffering because of lack of proper leadership.

Now it is time for the unavoidable to transpire, you have to bring in the "Golden child" and drop the proverbial ax. You hate this part of the job, because while he might not be the right man for this job, he certainly has great potential for so many other jobs and you want to leave him with enough face that he can at least gain meaningful employment beyond the doors of your company, You get sick at your stomach when you submit the decision to terminate to the board. Because no matter what condiment or side dish you eat with crow,it's still crow. After the board of directors lavishes in the "I told ya so's", they make it a point to remind you that because they went along with your suggestion and did it your way, the company has lost x amount of revenue and is no longer the Industry leader it once was, AKA forget the Christmas bonus. You just close your eyes praying to be translated to some deep dark jungle, so you can put this whole sorted mess behind you.

This is exactly where America is regarding their President, Barack Obama is a prolific speaker and an excellent organizer; but he just doesn't possess the knowledge and experience it takes to run the nation. Therefore in 2012 we will be faced the ominous task of presenting him with his pink slip.

Where we went wrong

Let's face it, the only way that we can avoid making the same mistake again when electing a President is to analyze and ascertain where we went wrong with this one. We must look closely at our choice of candidate and make sure that he or she is the right person for the job. The best way to do this is to look at their report card and thoroughly analyze it with an open mind. Barack Obama was not an affirmative action pick. This man taught Constitutional Law at Harvard, he was both State Senator and U.S. Senator, no mere simpleton can accomplish that. Herein is where the problem lies, If you look at his voting record and the laws introduced and passed by him, most all of them, where for special interest groups and most of them furthered the social system. I failed to find one bill of legislation passed by him that helped small business(outside of the special interest groups he supported). I failed to find anything put forth on his behalf as Senator that encouraged businesses to stay in America and hire in America. I also failed to see any investigations prompted by him into the unfair banking practices in the state of Illinois or the Nation while in the Senate. It isn't enough for a candidate to be successful, it much more important to focus on what he or she was successful in.

The don'ts:

Don't choose a candidate according to race, color, creed, gender, handicap or religion. None of these things have anything to do with a person's ability or inability to lead.

Don't Choose your candidate to further your own agenda: If you believe in your cause that much then you should be the one to fight for it.

Don't choose a candidate expecting to personally benefit from his or her being elected as President.

Here is as list of things we should look for when choosing our next President:

Ability to lead: The ability to take on the task at hand and work with all parties involved toward a viable and long lasting solution. A bold leader who will salute our flag and represent us to the world as the true champion that America has always been.

Brave: A brave leader who means what they say and are not afraid to say it.

Capable: A leader with a well rounded (encompassing all aspects of the job) proven and unbiased track record of performance.

Delegate: Someone who will diligently choose a competent cabinet to help him or her achieve their goals for America (not a goon squad of czars).

Ethically sound: A leader who is above reproach, and behaves themselves in a way that America is proud call them their commander and chief, someone who is willing to put the reputation of the nation above that of their own.

Example: America needs a leader who will lead by example (i.e. never asking the Nation or it's people to do anything that they, themselves. would not do or haven't already done).

Financially wise: This Nation needs a good financial manager that will stand up to the special interest groups and tell them "If it's worth having it's worth working for!"

Foresight: America must have someone who is willing to look beyond his or her eight years in office and understand the implications and ramifications that their actions and decisions will bring on our nation down the road.

Responsible: Most of all we must have a leader that will stand up and take responsibility for his or her action and say " I did it, and I take full responsibility for it. Rather than choosing to play the blame game.

Note: This list is by no means conclusive please use the comment Section to add your thoughts and opinions, please elaborate as much and as thoroughly as possible. We welcome your feedback.


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    • johnnyco12 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Pascagoula, Ms

      But before you do that make sure you fully understand the voting process.

    • sheila b. profile image

      sheila b. 

      7 years ago

      We have to register as republicans and vote in the primaries.

    • johnnyco12 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Pascagoula, Ms

      Yes ma'am that is exactly what I meant and thank you for the clarification.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      7 years ago from The Caribbean

      "A brave leader who means what they say and are not afraid to say it." Did you mean not afraid TO DO it? We hear what they say, but can we ever be sure of what they will do?


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