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America's Enemies Stop the Military from Going Green

Updated on September 10, 2013

What is a villain?

A viillain is a bad guy, a person who does evil things.


A stronger focus on alternative fuels will cost more in the immediate and near-term, but in the longer-term, it is a smarter strategy. Stupid people see the short term only and are willing -- eager even -- to screw the military and to screw America to protect their jobs with fossil fuel companies and their jobs with the public relations disinformation campaigns funded by those fossil fuel companies.

ExxonMobil and the Koch Brothers are two of the biggest funders of this pro-pollution, pro-terrorist treason. These traitors cynically use the Tea Party, conservatives, the Republican Party, Constitutionalists, Libertarians, Christianity, Rush Limbaugh ditto-heads, Glenn Beck worshipers, Sarah Palinites, FOX viewers, and pretty much anyone who has their guard down to stop any effort to clean up the Earth or reverse climate change.

The good news is that

  • ExxonMobil stockholders have not given up trying to oust the pro-pollution executives who have a stranglehold on that corporation.

  • Tea Party members are starting to get wise to the "wise use" of the Koch Brothers of them.

  • Conservatives are remembering their conservation roots that go back to Teddy Roosevelt.

  • Many Republicans will vote for whoever will fight to reverse climate change -- even non-Republicans.

  • Many Libertarians are green.

  • Rush's pro-pollution statements (and other Freudian slips) have caused many ditto-heads to become former ditto-heads.

  • The exposes and investigations of Rupert Murdoch have shined a light on the ugly things crawling around at his Fox "News"

  • Major corporations are pulling out of sponsoring The American Legislative Exchange Council, an organization that drafts pro-pollution bills for voting into law.

  • Occasionally, Christians themselves will remind the media that God is not owned by any corporation (certainly not any Judas) and that Jesus consistently preached stewardship.


Alternative fuels are sometimes cheaper than fossil fuels.

Alternative fuels are sometimes about the same price as fossil fuels.

Alternative fuels are sometimes more expensive than fossil fuels. But when pro-pollution people say this, they are being deliberately obtuse. When you calculate how much it costs the military to send the Air Force, Navy, Marines, and Army to fetch one gallon of gasoline, then the true cost of fossil fuel is closer to $800 a gallon.

The pro-pollution promoters of fossil fuel have cost us American lives. What is the price tag on one American soldier's life? I would put it at infinity.

America led the world in dealing with the hole in the ozone layer and we, the human race, solved that problem in a few short years because the pro-pollution lobby had not organized into a criminal conspiracy yet. But now that those who aid and abet terrorists (the pro-pollution lobby) are a slick machine financed by deep pockets, the clock is running on climate change. It gets more expensive by the day to reverse climate change. This is the diabolical plot of the pro-pollution Fifth Column quislings.

They scream about the cost of saving our children from asthma from dirty air? They scream about the cost of enforcing the law? (when those laws would put them in prison) Who is really for law and order? They scream because they want to drill in our purest national parks and foul them. They have already left an oil slick in Yellowstone. Now they want to ruin America's Last Frontier even more than BP did in the Gulf of Mexico and Exxon did with the Exxon Valdez in Prince William Sound. They want every household in America fracked up with flames coming out of the faucet. Perhaps we should just save time and explode a doomsday device and kill everyone since that seems to be the game plan of these evil madmen.

You want sanity? Abandon fossil fuels. Leave it in the ground. Switch to alternatives like solar, wind, geothermal, tidal, and wave power. Let America lead again.

Why are they so against America leading?

Because they are traitors.

They want to talk about costs?

How about their criminal activity costing them their freedom? These nuts think someone wants to control the environment. What a stupid idea! No one wants to do that. We want to protect America -- from them, America's enemies. Throw them in prison for treason, for air pollution, for water pollution, for land pollution (the pollution that is seldom talked about), for bribing public officials, for criminal conspiracy, for collusion, for price fixing, for terrorism, for all their crimes.

Execute as many of them as possible. And if their lawyers save them from the death penalty, then send the ExxonMobil executives and the Koch brothers to the worst federal pen we can find. They raped the Earth. So let them experience it personally with America's rapists. No cushy country club Fed for these malefactors.

There is cost for you.

Let every prosecutor and every US attorney go after the pro-polluters. Think about it. Pollution is already a crime. It costs billions to clean up. Make the oil and coal and gas companies clean it up. Jack up the fines into the billions and trillions. Not these little million and thousand dollar fines that currently are imposed. Since these corporations claim personhood, let their executives fill prison cells.

And since pollution is a crime, those who advocate pollution advocate crime. They are criminals twice over. Arrest them all. Every last one of them.

This is why polluters have a special hatred for Albert Gore. He was green. He won the popular vote and the Electoral College but brother Jeb Bush and Roger Ailes at Fox "News" and the Supreme Court handed the White House to the worst president in US history -- George W. Bush who proceeded to take the trillion dollar surplus of Bill Clinton and turn it into a ten trillion deficit. Gore knew he had won but accepted the decision of the Supreme Court with grace. If it had been me, I would made a nasty court battle out of it and brought all of Dubya's Yale skeletons out of his closet.

What we need is less criminal pro-polluters in public office and more Draconian law enforcers and prosecutors without mercy. We need angry juries. We need judges who actually uphold the law instead of taking bribes from fossil fuel companies. We either need to turn average Americans into a mob chasing after the CEO's of polluting companies or a colder more calculating approach.

Of course, the Koch Brothers have exploited the Tea Party to work against the interests of Tea Party members. And the ExxonMobil executives don't care what their pro-environment stockholders want which is odd since even a repeat corporate criminal like British Petroleum has enough sense to mouth pro-environment slogans like BP stands for "Beyond Petroleum". No one believes them but they get credit for trying. ExxonMobil is not even trying because they keep saying that they will stop funding climate change deniers at news conferences but continue to fund these organizations of idiots.

How ever much fun it might be to imagine villagers chasing the Frankensteins running these criminal corporations with pitchforks and torches, the cold calculating approach makes more sense.

Theoretically, the stockholders could be sued in a class action since they are owners. The owners of fossil fuel companies need to wise up and throw the CEO's to the wolves -- if they want to demonstrate that they do not approve of pollution. An important legal point.

Too expensive to clean up the Earth and reverse climate change? That ridiculous statement proves that they want a filthy planet. Next time you hear someone say it costs too much, give them a learned dissertation on costs from the standpoint of bookkeeping and environmental accounting.

Polluters want to talk about costs?

  • cost of American lives

  • cost of oil spill clean up

  • cost of cleaning up the Earth's oceans

  • cost of cleaning up water wells, groundwater, aquifers, and subterranean rivers

  • cost of cleaning up toxic waste landfills

  • cost of floods caused by climate change

  • cost of wildfires caused by climate change

  • cost of droughts caused by climate change

  • cost of the Defense Department budget (which is mostly engaged in blood for oil)

  • cost of the intelligence establishment (which is battling with all of Islam)

  • cost of Homeland Security Department

  • cost of cancer caused by pollution

  • cost of other heath problems such as lung damage, liver damage, and brain damage

  • cost of repairing the Pentagon and replacing the World Trade Center

On Nine Eleven, there was no daylight between Americans. All Americans -- whether radical, liberal, moderate or conservative were -- united. That's why we call it the UNITED states of America. Those were human beings who died. And in the World Trade Center, it is said that victims were from every nation on Earth. So, for a moment, we were united as human beings.

With two exceptions. The terrorists and the people who said America deserved it. They effectively resigned from the human race.

So add loss of the right to call yourself a human being to the costs.

comment on comments

I had one commenter say that going green for the military was too expensive. I did not have an answer at the time. Now I do. Two answers in fact:

  1. By the time fuel is delivered to our military's forward bases in Afghanistan, it is four hundred ($400) dollars a gallon.
  2. Most of our Marines in the Middle East have been killed driving fuel convoys.

This is about saving the lives of our military. This is about blood for oil. This is about treason by the members of Congress in general (and James Inhofe in particular) who fight our fighting men and women. This is about the people with unclean hands and lack of conscience who insist on pushing "all of the above" energy policies and selling out America so that they can bend over for the fossil fuel industry. They have neither numbers on their side nor recognizable human emotions. Predator drones and Reaper drones have more feelings. How about a few real tears for our fallen heroes instead of crocodile tears for ExxonMobil?

[My apologies to the American Crocodile. I know that your species is fighting for survival too.]


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  • Toni_Roman profile image

    Toni_Roman 5 years ago

    Love My Chris,

    Ouch! I just got hit by that cosmic 2 by 4.

    Thanks for the comment


    Sassy Sue,

    Ever heard of economy of scale? A price of $27 a gallon will come down over time if the first small baby steps are allowed instead of shooting the baby because it fell down when it took its first step.

    Did you not read where I was talking about costs? Pretty much the entire hub.

    Did you not read where I called for lower taxes? Sometimes I say something with a short phrase. I am NOT comfortable financially. I wish.

  • lovemychris profile image

    Cape Wind Girl 5 years ago from Cape Cod, USA

    I too, believe there are, and have been, many treasonous acts committed on this great country.

    I'm waiting for it all to come out.

    And yes! The military has been going green for a long time! They say it's for our national security too.

    Common sense and care for the future has left the building. It's all about the here and now profits.

    Soon they will learn that all the money in the world is not worth a hill of beans when our kids are dying.

    Hopefully--they will be stopped before then.

    We need a cosmic 2 by 4.