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Violence Is a Legitimate Form of Protest—Sorry, Not Sorry!

Updated on June 3, 2020
Kyler J Falk profile image

Social issues can only be remedied by a collective acceptance of those opinions we view as opposing our own.

Violence is as profound as it is effective.
Violence is as profound as it is effective. | Source

Anyone who follows my work actively, or even passively and in an indirect manner, knows that I like to be controversial for the sake of controversy itself. However, that doesn't always mean I don't agree with what I write despite its inherently contentious nature. Today I come to say, in both belief and controversial tone, that the violence we see from protesters is an absolutely valid and important tactic.

I'd like to break away from my anti-racism narrative that I've been pushing, and discuss the violence that I see occurring under the guise of noble protest.

Big crowd, professionally organized, but nobody came close to breaching the fence. If they had they would have been greeted with the most vicious dogs, and most ominous weapons, I have ever seen. That’s when people would have been really badly hurt, at least.

— Donald J. Trump, POTUS

Our Government Loves Violence

If it isn't blatantly obvious to you now, then may whatever deity you do or do not subscribe to have mercy on your ignorant soul. The United States government, and any comparable power, loves to use violence any chance they can when it is convenient for them. All the while they will stamp out any dissent, peaceful or otherwise, through the use of excessive violence.

The POTUS, Donald J. Trump, had to have peaceful protesters removed with violence on the supposed orders of William Barr. Trump, seeming to want to show that his retreat into the White House bunker was just an inspection of sorts, decided it would be a good idea to get a photo opportunity in at a church. I laugh as I write this, thinking about the separation of church and state that is all too opaque for my liking, but I bet God, Allah, Satan, or whatever invisible sky daddy(s) you pray to as the all-knowing would frown upon this weak show of violence against peaceful individuals.

Is this the first time the United States government has decided that violence was the answer to all their problems, regardless of cause or outcome? No, and if you can manage to bring yourself to scroll through this list; we can see that the US absolutely adores the generous use of violence as a tool for positive change. So I pose this question, "What makes you think, seeing our own government idolizes violence as a be-all, end-all tool, violence is not a reasonable tactic for protesters?"

Our country was built on the back of violence.
Our country was built on the back of violence. | Source

Before this goes any further, because I'm sure there are those who'd get a sick kick out of reporting this and getting it removed, I am not promoting illegal violence. You should not go out and use illegal violence as a way to express your frustrations on my orders. What it is I am saying here, undeniably, is that throughout history violence has been used as the most crucial catalyst for progressive change.

Though he could be considered a militant racist, fighting against other militant racists justifiably; Malcolm X is a wonderful role model to look to for violence helping to bring about lasting change. Like a true leader, he would stand with his men upon the front lines and demand justice through force where he could not get it through peaceful means. He may not have known it at the time, but his actions in conjunction with others like MLK would lead to this moment in time where all races could stand up for their rights using whatever means are deemed necessary.

You're not to be so blind with patriotism that you can't face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it or says it.

— Malcolm X

Crying for Help

My biggest fear with all this, the matter of utmost concern, would have to be the lack of actual organization with the violence. Soft targets are burning, targets like small businesses owned by equally oppressed individuals, while the targets that symbolize and propagate oppression stand unscathed. Why would you attack a small business, be anywhere near a small business, and ignore the targets that would have the oppressor shaking in their boots?

You see, when you burn down your neighbors' businesses, stand in the middle of the street keeping them from going to work, all you are doing is giving the enemy a reason to use violence on you before you can elicit change. These are not the actions taken within a successful protest, and you are oppressing those who are suffering right along with you. These ignorant acts are born from a desperate shriek for help, one that isn't being heard by those who are the important targets.

Even further, as you desperately beg for progressive change that sees brutality and maltreatment come to an end, you hold back the rage within to follow the same laws that see you held down. You could be overwhelming the fools who'd fight on behalf of evil, but you let them box you in.

Your enemies preach anti-violence as they shoot peaceful protesters with rubber bullets, tear gas, and pepper spray. Our enemies preach anti-racism as they racially charge every little bit of their presentation, so as to divide us even further. The enemy of all, the enemy of diversity and inclusion, calls for your imprisonment while you do more damage to your fellow slaves than to the ones who'd call themselves master.

It is time to put race aside, look to the top of this pyramid of trickle-down cruelty, and target the ones who seek to control you with the violence they speak out against in appearance only!

Is violence a justifiable tactic?

See results
No matter the color, we are one!
No matter the color, we are one! | Source

Violence is a tool of power, and that tool is most often wielded by those who preach peace as the only way to greatness. Don't let them pull the wool over your eyes, take back what it is we are owed!

— Kyler J. Falk

Don't Be Afraid

I see these protests failing in the long-run, not because they are unworthy or spreading a message that falls upon deaf and racist ears, but because the marginalized minority continues to allow the majority to silence them with violence. Verbal, physical, emotional violence, it is all something people readily deny accountability for and yet use them on a daily basis. Don't let them silence you, and don't let violence be used as a tool of oppression.

If you're scrolling social media and see an all lives matter post, celebrate it as the cry for help that it is, the same cry for help that comes from the black lives matter movement. When you see someone calling out racism, no matter who that racism is against, celebrate their use of their voice rather than trying to silence it with yours. Should you witness opportunistic violence in any form, call upon your brothers and sisters to bring a swift end to it and pick the enemy up to march with you.

Now is the time to use every tool at our disposal for ending the ongoing system of racist petulance and power abuse. Red, white, black, yellow, khaki... we are the human race and those who seek to abuse us under their greedy iron fists are the enemy. Oppression has no color, and such a diverse enemy requires an inclusive army to fight it.

Stand with your brothers and sisters of the human race, and promote the end of oppression no matter what it may look like!


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