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Updated on November 29, 2012

Non-Violence vs Patriotism


The term virility does not only mean mere manliness or the potency in begetting children. it is the attitude of any human who raises his voice against atrocities.. Virility, in dictionary states, the quality of being virile, manly, potency, vigor, etc. The potency of a person can be expressed in many ways. Undoubtedly, an ardent follower of non-violence can clearly exhibit his quality of manliness by his attitude. The nearest and closet example would be Mahatma Gandhiji, who is well known for his Ahimsa or Non-Violence qualities. An incident that happened in his life shows clearly his virility or potency.

It was the time when Hindu-Muslim conflict was at its peak. At Navakali, which is in East Bengal, a riot took place, and many hindus and muslims were killed. Gandhiji personally visited that place. Army was sent as an escort to him as the place was in a chaos. Gandhiji, deliberately avoided army and went alone to meet with people. This shows the virility. No leader would dare to visit such a vulnerable place which saw a historical disaster.

In contrary when the punjab tiger, Bhagat Singh, was sentenced to death for his act of throwing bombs inside Central Legislative Assembly, his father wrote an apologizing letter to the Government for his son's act, and to lessen the punishment and relieve him. In response to this, Bhagat Singh replied to his father to apologize to country men for writing such a letter. He was mentally prepared to face any consequences, as he was sure of death and felt proud of sacrificing his life for his people. In fact, he refused to have a mask on his face before he was hanged. Such a patriot is rarely seen in history. Amazing part is, normally a person would lose his weight when he is sure of meeting the death. The fear itself would make him lose his weight. In Bhagat Singh's case, he was said to have gained weight. This shows his virility and real manliness.

In both cases, though the path followed by Gandhi or Bhagat Singh is different, the ultimate aim is to show how independent and virile they are in facing the deadly situations.


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