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Vladimir Putin "Exposes" Pope Francis?

Updated on August 16, 2018
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Trevor Cunningham is a freelance writer who enjoys controversial topics in the political, religious, and global sects of the world!

What Exactly Did Putin Say?

While speaking at the Naval Cathedral of St. Nicholas in Kronstadt in July of 2018, reported on Vladimir Putin's remarks pertaining to Pope Francis:

"If you look at what he says, it is clear that he is not a man of God. At least not the Christian God. Not the God of the Bible."

Later on in his discourse Putin again dug at the Catholic Church's most prominent figure stating that Pope Francis "...dreams of a world government and a global communist system of repression."


Why, Putin? Why Now?

Pope Francis' influence on a wide-majority of Catholic-Christians, when combined with his efforts to push toward a World Government, is not appealing to Putin and it is apparent with statements similar to the aforementioned that Putin does not think highly of Pope Francis as it pertains to Christianity or Politics.

It is no secret that there has been a long-standing tension between the Russian Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church, as claims have been made that the Catholic Church was trying to control the Eastern-Orthodox Church from afar.

Putin, who claims to be a practicing Christian after a few major life-events changed his mind, apparently does not subscribe to Francis' line of thinking pertaining to international well-being, nor does he subscribe to Francis' view of Orthodox Christianity.


Does Putin Have a Point?

A few examples of the claims made by Pope Francis that have left many Christians, both Catholic and Protestant, scratching their heads include controversial statements as reported on by outlets such as USA Today:

"God is not a divine being or a magician, but the Creator who brought everything to life. Evolution in nature is not inconsistent with the notion of creation, because evolution requires the creation of beings that evolve."

Francis continues in this same sentiment,

"The 'big bang,' that today is considered to be the origin of the world, does not contradict the creative intervention of God, on the contrary it requires it."

More recently, Francis was quoted in Italian newspaper La Repubblica, stating that "...Americans must be ruled by a world government for their own good."

Francis has made no secret of his humanitarian-mindedness, as his public appearances frequently display his opinions on the topics of immigration, national relations, and world peace.


Putin Protecting Russian Interest

In recent memory Putin has become more vocal in his critique of other prominent world figures as the Russians rise to superpower status through their advancement in military and diplomatic operations.

Take, for example, Putin's encounter with Benjamin Netanyahu earlier this year. Netanyahu visited with Vladimir Putin to discuss the possibility of Russia standing down as Israel militarily acted on Iran in retaliation to Iran inching their military weaponry closer to the Israeli border. During Netanyahu's trip to "The Motherland" in May, Netanyahu was "reminded" (Courtesy of Vladimir Putin) of the persecution that Russians faced while engaged in World War II.

The same day that the meeting with Netanyahu occured, Israel successfully launched an attack on Iranian military. Hours after the face-to-face meeting with Netanyahu concerning Israeli interest, Putin orders Russian fighter jets to support Iran as Israel moved on Iran.

Putin is focused on prioritizing Russia over all other nations, even at the expense of international well-being. Therefore let us conclude that Putin is anti-globalism. This is especially evident if it threatens the quality of life for the Russians, which may explain why he reacted in the manner that he did towards Pope Francis.

Putin at Odds With Globalism

Putin insisted that Russia was not going to cooperate with, nor advocate for, the Global New-World Order but instead introduced the idea that each nation have it's own sovereignty and letting that system of governance be the true order of the world.

That is totally against the Global-Government ideology that Pope Francis seemingly advocates for.

The two figures' thinking could not be farther apart, so it should not be surprising that Putin would attempt to "expose" Pope Francis, as he has both verbally and through action demonstrated what he believes in and supports concerning matters both foreign and domestic.

© 2018 Trevor Cunningham


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