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Voice from Middle America

Updated on February 4, 2013


Why do so many big executives get outlandish severance packages when they leave a company…..especially those who were asked to leave or fired??

The way some of these people get paid off to screw up it just amazes me…..tell how many of your friends would get those kind of packages when they leave their job…..

I would guess that 98% of us, if we screwed up a business or situation some of these executives and athletic people did we would be fired….period!! No big package of money, stocks, vacation pay, etc…..nope, just “get your crap together and leave the building…don’t forget to leave us your keys”

Why is this…..this is a great example of the haves and the have nots…..

Our country has a problem with how they operate fairly, ethically and morally…..


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