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Vote For Legalizing Marijuana

Updated on August 4, 2009
Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton

Why should marijuana be legal?

Many people get arrested per year due to the usage of marijuana. It is a fact that more than 4% of the world population are arrested due to marijuana. Most of these people have no ties with any violent behavior and many have never had any trouble with the law before, violent or non-violent. Our country spends billions of dollars a year arresting people, due to possession of marijuana. It is estimated that over a 7 year period, our country could save over 100 billion dollars. The reason of this is that hundreds of thousands of people are arrested per year due to possession of marijuana alone. We are not talking about those who sale marijuana. We are talking about those who use it. That's a lot of money thrown away that we as Americans could be using to pay for medicaid, schools, building new jobs, etc.

Last year, statistics were conducted showing that American taxpayers are paying more than $1 billion dollars per year incarcerating its citizens for marijuana. It is a fact that 12.7 percent of state inmates and 12.4 of federal inmates are serving time due to possession of marijuana. The statistics show in numbers that 33,655 state inmates and 10,785 federal inmates are serving time for marijuana offenses. If you ask me, that's a complete waste of money.

If you would like to vote to save our pathetic little country lol, call 1-973-409-3274

Disclaiming the myths of marijuana

Not only would the country save billions of dollars due to unnecessary arrests per year, people will also get to receive the health benefits from marijuana. Yes, we all know that marijuana is not healthy for people for certain reasons, but doesn't everything have something negative about it? Smoking cigarettes is bad for the health but it helps relieve stress. Alcohol completely damages the liver but it helps to cover a troubled past.

Yeah, I know. These aren't good reasons for labeling those products as healthy, but marijuana has a legitimate claim for being healthy. Many countries have performed tests on marijuana to destroy the myths about this infamous plant.The following below is the reality of this plant.


There is no existing evidence of anyone dying from the use of marijuana. Tests were performed on mice and showed that the ratio of cannabinoids (the chemical in marijuana that gets you high) necessary for overdose to the amount necessary for intoxication is 40,000:1, compared to alcohol ratio 4:1 and 10:1. Alcoholic overdose claims more than 5,000 lives per year. The question that comes to me is why would alcohol be legal, and not marijuana?

Brain Damage

Marijuana is a psychoactive because it stimulates certain brain receptors, but it does not produce toxins that kill them (unlike alcohol). It does not wear out brain receptors either, ultimately eliminating the belief that marijuana makes you stupid. There is also no evidence to support the myth that marijuana causes brain damage. There are studies on actual human beings to confirm these results, even for those who are chronic marijuana smokers (more than 10 joints per day for years).

Marijuana has the same effects of meditation, but on a more powerful basis. What this means is that the effects of marijuana can be human created. It is true, however, that marijuana does damage the cardiovascular system due to the smoke entering and exiting the lungs. This means, if marijuana were to be eaten, it would have no negative effects on the body at all, unless somehow the user completely overdoses on marijuana.

Just as smoking cigarettes, it can cause bronchitis and cancer, but the risks are much lower than tobacco.


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    • profile image

      ethen 5 years ago

      the U.S should legalize marijuana because for most citizens,to me can focus better,and the state will mak more profit that's strait up bull-shit

    • profile image

      Cannabislover;) 5 years ago

      I won't say weed makes everything better cause I don't always feel like being high. But it is fun to do when u feel like chilling and just laughing with ur friends so I'd rather have weed legal than alcohol too :)

    • profile image

      jordann! 7 years ago

      We should legalize weed.alcohol and weed are completely different,weed makes you happy.a lot more people become violent with alcohol rather than weed.the only possible negative effect of legalizing weed would be world hunger because of munchies

    • profile image

      alisha 7 years ago

      i'd much rather have alcohol illegal and marijuana legalized!

    • profile image

      Don 7 years ago

      The drug war can never be won. Strict enforcement of drug laws only drives up the price, making the drug trade more lucrative for the criminal element. More money in criminals hands gives them more power, allowing them to be better organized so they can commit more violence on our society.

      This drives up the cost of enforcement, and the viscous circle continues.

      The best solution is to decriminalize drugs. Even law enforcement is waking up to that fact.

      Check out :Law Enforcement Against Prohibition" at:

    • profile image

      clips 8 years ago

      im saying people should vote to legalize marijuana its only fear n its not that bad of a drug I don't see what can go wrong with this I know a lot of people that do marijuana and still live there normal life its stupid to me I know theirs cops that smoked it to a lot of people do its not gonna stop might as well legalize it. Its not gonna kill anyone like the hub says a lot taxes payers money is going into this just for busting people who smoke it when that money could be going for better things like school medical care and stuff I really don't see the problem with marijuana the might has well just banned tobacco and beer people die from that stuff but know ones died from marijuana so what harm can it do like i said i know people that do it and are still living there normal life and nothing wrong with them there still good people i really think there should be a vote to legalize marijuana

    • GreenGardenGuy profile image

      GreenGardenGuy 8 years ago from Fort Myers, FL

      I know a lot of marijuana smokers and a lot of alcoholics. I have had to ask a few of the alcoholics to leave my property because they were becoming violent and/or obnoxious.

      I can't recall a single time asking a smoker to leave for the same reasons.

      Smokers are usually laid back and mellow. Or they fall asleep.

      I don't smoke marijuana, but I'm a mellow alcoholic. LOL.

      Nice hub.

    • Smireles profile image

      Sandra Mireles 8 years ago from Texas

      Interesting piece on legalizing marijuana. I have often felt that the laws for marijuana use are harsh. However, I do have unanswered questions so my mind is not yet made up on the issue. Good hub!