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Vote ME!

Updated on August 14, 2015

What could be simpler?

Other than drawing it on computer -with A Finger mouse!!    Best method suited to UK system, I believe.
Other than drawing it on computer -with A Finger mouse!! Best method suited to UK system, I believe.

UK Election 2010

Having joked before the election that I would, if I could- take all the policies that I liked from each of the parties, and form my own from that. I find myself wondering at many of the choice media terms being used. And considering Is there a better way that has so far been overlooked?

Having had to look up the meaning of Proportional Representation or "PR" I see that it is quite a complicated idea. I do not believe complicating such matters helps anything much.

I see that PR might have a place for a more democratically elected cabinet, but as a way to decide a party holding majority is somewhat less appealing. Being most likely less representational that the term claims to be.

Regarding the cabinet, I would love to see the newly elected green party leader being made 'Secretary for the Environment' most simply because it appears they are the only party that would actually put environmental and green issues and necessities before personal gains etc.
While any-one against laws being dictated externally gets my vote as 'foriegn Minister'!

As a mute point. I also believe that it should be the law for candidates to be only allowed to stand in the area they were born in, coupled with the provision that they actually live in that area. While on the subject that should also apply to local councils. With the exception that if no-one belongs to a party from that area, then the next nearest be allowed to stand so long as they don't have interest/s elsewhere as this could become conflicting interest.

What should happen next to resolve a hung parliament?

Some-one joked "What do you think to hanging politicians?" Most thought it was a good idea.
And joking aside, there is a chance that the best policies may go forward on the grounds that a majority from a wider range of differing people are having to agree to them. On the other hand we're back to the old adage "You can't please all the people all of the time..."

So, if it were that the main things can be agreed upon, to get them through ASAP. With another Election planned soon after. This would, if sense prevails, take the form of a "Cooperative Election" where party A, and party B that managed to get together with some agreement. Decide who to run in a seat that was lost due to a margin that one of them held out the other.
In explanation. If party C. won a seat with 19,500 votes, while party A. got 17,000 votes and party B. got say 5,000 votes. In a re-election, the candidate from Party B. would not re-stand but campaign with party A. candidate to show their support in the hope that the Votes that went to them last time would now go to the person they were supporting.
This idea also works if the majority for the supported candidate was slim in the first election, in the hopes of increasing it in the re-election.
I believe the Liberals employed similar tactics in past elections before merging with their collabrative party to become Lib Dems.

I have no affiliation with any party. I also like the idea that if a candidates winning majority falls below say a 40 percent margin. The top two parties have to go through the election process again, while it is hoped that the voters of other parties in the first election will vote again to show which of the two they prefer.
In this case it could be on the lines on say In the event of a hung parliament only. And the second party reserves the right to change it's candidate for the re-election, or even defer to the third party.

This may even make politics more interesting.

Can a hung Parliament Work?

Once the things that can be agreed on among the allied parties. It is then for them to either reach an agreement of other things, like a re-election. Or to agree to disagree and allow a house brainstorm and vote. The vote can take on AV. While the brainstorm would be enplaced once the topic is raised for all to submit their ideas on the subject.
That way if the coalition agree on something, assuming majority rule that will go through, otherwise it goes to the majority among the whole hopuse.
AV may be "the most basic" or simplistic known but it does have much power and credibility!

Agreeing is the hard part

How can people with different philosophies agree? It takes one party; in this case the minority party to concede a lot. And try to work the bigger party into some compromises. This could work better for most people who aren't keen on any/either extreem. But it seems to be happening that the extreem of the majority party is being worked towards. Albeit it at a pace slower.


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    • days leaper profile image

      days leaper 7 years ago from england

      11 May 2010

      I'm pleased to see all parties consider what they call "AV" or Alternative Voting system.

    • days leaper profile image

      days leaper 7 years ago from england

      hi. absent friend

      Great idea! This may also reduce the number of papers that get spoilt.

    • Absent Friend profile image

      Absent Friend 7 years ago

      Good ideas.

      We seem to have Voted for change, but not too drastic change.

      I would go along with the above, we could keep the "Sacred" X, using a grid system.

      I would also request a box that says, chose to abstain. So that people have a way of saying "I don't have a 2nd, or/and 3rd choice!

      They could also use it for a first choice as well, so that the powers that be would know that they didn't abstain for other reasons such as being unable to get into the electoral room!, or lack of baby sitter, no time off work, illness etc. etc.

    • days leaper profile image

      days leaper 7 years ago from england

      hi christopheranton

      Well seen.

      A way round this could be to do away with the sacred X. For a request to offer 1st, 2nd and 3rd. choice. So that only a recount would be needed in the following stages.

      Then if any dispute, though this should be made much rarer, might still have to be decided by re-election as mentioned in main blog with 2 parties collaborating as to who has the best chance. Not only with the individual seat, but also of forming a government. This may still be possible by discussion rather than election? - in some cases?

    • christopheranton profile image

      Christopher Antony Meade 7 years ago from Gillingham Kent. United Kingdom

      Your ideas are interesting, but could lead to the country having a constant spate of elections, and I dont really see that going down too well.