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Vote for Barack Obama in 2012

Updated on August 30, 2012

Why should you vote for Barack Obama in 2012? That is a very good question. Now if you are a Republican, you probably would not know the reason. However, if you are a hardcore Democrat like myself I think the reason will be obvious to you.

Just think about what would happen to the United States of America if Barack Obama lost the election. The whole country would be turned upside down by the rich and famous. There would be no law to protect women's rights, the rights of senior citizens, and the rights of the poor. The only people whose rights would be protected would be unborn embryos and the super rich Republicans.

Now Ann Romney made her fancy sweet speech the other day and I listened very intently to what she had to say. She tried to relate to the average hard working middle class Americans on a human level. She also attempted to relate to women in the same way. She tried to make her husband Mitt Romney seem like a good person at heart. However, I beleive she failed miserably. I did not believe one word that came out of that woman's mouth. She is a good speaker, but not very truthful. This is nothing new considering the Republican party makes a habbit of telling lies to the American people. What I do not understand is how this rich and powerful woman can dare compare herself to the poor working class people. She does not know the first thing about living in poverty and worrying all the time about whether or not you are going to be able to survive and keep a roof over your head. She has inherited a lot of money from her parents, so she should not be talking. As far as Mitt Romney being a good husband, well I think that is just great that he is good to her, but how do I know he will be good to the middle class people? What will these rich Republicans do for someone like me?

Oh well, I guess we are just supposed to trust them to do what is best for us. Just the same way we are supposed to trust that there is nothing wrong with those tax returns that they are still hiding. Well, the last time a Republican served as president nothing good really happened. Why should it be any different this time? Republicans are selfish. They want to make the middle class pay as much taxes as possible while avoiding paying those taxes themselves. Republicans believe in their heart that the government should only help the rich and that everyone else should fend for themselves and stop complaining. Kind of heartless, right?

So Mitt Romney may know how to crunch numbers, however, I am having a hard time believing that this man has a heart. I also doubt that he has integrity. Even if he has the capability to improve our economy and get us out of debt, he will do so by sacrificing the livelyhood of the middle class people. This is not fair and it is not right. Please vote for Barack Obama so we can all sleep at night.


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    • Rodric29 profile image

      Rodric Johnson 5 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

      What? Not informative at all. I am independent and I listen to both sides of the story. You are misinformed about the president and Mitt Romney. This article is purposely an attach on Romney with no substance to support Obama.

      You cannot say why you support Obama. I don't support his stances and I can say why, they cost too much and were not well thought out. He has not fulfilled his promise to lower the debt or turn the housing market around. He passed a law that most of us do not agree with and want repealed. He promised change, which he gave us by creating more debt than any other president before. I could go on.

      Why should I give him another four years? Tell me that.

    • prektjr.dc profile image

      Debbie Carey 5 years ago from Riverton, KS, USA

      Seriously, and just how "rich" do you think that Michelle Obama is? LOL..I would wager that she and her Czar king hubby who have no experience with successful, hard work make more than the Romneys. Check your facts on what Presidents and Senators and Lawyers earn. Businesses employ people. I work for my money. So should every other able person who sits drawing welfare and unemployment. I am saddened by your blindness to the reality behind the Obama rhetoric. Romney should hand over more returns when Obama produces a birth certificate or his law records, or his school records, or.....whatever. Expect the same from Obama. Democrats trusted the African born, Muslim dictator who has spent more of the taxpayer's money than ALL presidents before him combined in less than 4 years!! Seriously!!! I would rather our country be led by an AMERICAN born man who knows success, rather than one who dictates his will and sends money to the country of his birth. We SHOULD trust someone with a proven successful record. That is what America is about. I choose freedom, faith, family and a future.

      That is my opinion. Vote for Romney so we can afford to sleep at night. PS. Middle class IS the working class. They LIKE jobs created by businessmen!