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Vote for "None Of The Above!"

Updated on October 8, 2008

With the way politics is these days and listening to all the BS that comes out of the two presidential candidates, I proclaim that the American people come together and take a page out of the movies. In 1985 there was a movie with Richard Prior called "Brusters Millions." Now for those of you who have never seen it, I'm not going to go into a synopsis or tell you the whole story line of the movie.

But there was one part of the movie that really caught my attention. There were two crooked candidates running for mayor of New York city. They were both dishonest cheats and would do and say anything to get elected. Well Prior's character "Monty" decided that he would start a campaign for mayor, but not for himself. He openly admited that he was no good for the job and didn't want to be mayor anyway. What he did campaign for was the people to vote for "None of the Above."

Don't vote for the idiots that are running! Don't vote for the party's candidate! Why as Americans do we have to vote for who they tell us to? They pick the candidates they want to win and pour miliions of our tax dollars into their campaign in order to get them elected. They all say they want to change things and make it better. But all they really want is the power to pad their own pockets and in the end really do what's only good for them. Politicians are basically dishonest cheats who in reality don't give a hoot about America or its people. Oh they say they do, and make promises, and what they are going to do to make everything so much better. But how many have actually done what they said they were going to do?

I'm to the point that I think that politicians are all idiotic cheats and liars. I don't want to vote for any of them. I used to think that it was always the lesser of two evils. Well why the heck do we have to vote for either of the evils anyway? I say as Americans, we all come together and vote for "None Of The Above!"

I know, it sounds ridiculous, but think about it for a minute. What would happen if "None of the Above" actually won the election? What would they do? Well maybe, just maybe, they would get their head out of their asses and finally realize that the American people aren't going to take their BS anymore.

If "None of the Above" won the election it might just show the political powerhouse that we, as the people, actually care about who represents us in office and that we are not happy with the chioces that they gave us.

I don't care if you're a Rebublican or a Democrat, or what you're political beliefs are. Can you truely tell me that either Obama or McCain are perfect and everything they say is on the money? Do you really deep down in your heart believe that either of these jamokes will do anything to help the economy, the gas prices, the war on terrorism, high taxes, health care, or your job security? In my heart I really doubt it!

If you thought there was a lot of hot air between Obama and Hilary in the primaries, just wait until the regular election campaign begins. It will be nothing but back stabbing and lies directed at each other then what they are going to do about the issues at hand. It will be a he did this, or he did that, or this is his religion and they hate America, or he opened his big fat mouth while he was a POW to save his own ass. Will either one of them discuss the actual issues at hand and what they intend to do about them? Maybe, briefly, if at all. It will all be about exposing any secrets they each have to discredit each other more then anything else.You can count on that. It's like two little kids fighting over something they want. They don't say why they deserve it, just why the other guy doesn't deserve it.

If you ask me, and granted, free advise is worth what you pay for it, but I think both of these guys are liars, idiots and blowhards! They will say whatever they think will get them elected. And once in office, they won't care about what they promised. Neither one of them is worth the time and trouble to go out and vote for them.

That's why I say again, Vote for "None of the Above!" I am going to choose "other" on the ballet and write in "None of the Above."

That's the only candidate that truly makes any sense at all. None of them!



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