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Vote Like Your Life Depends on It. It Might.

Updated on July 26, 2020
Andrew Bennett Collins profile image

Andrew has been an Okie for 30 plus years. He has spent the majority of that time complaining about things.


They had no problem with locking kids in cages and separating them from their parents. Although to be fair, most Democrats didn't either until it was on Trump's watch.

They found reasons not to be mad time after time when they watched videos of black children being killed by police.

They have found reasons to have disagreements with child victims of gun violence. Which, in and of itself isn't a problem. Being a victim doesn't excuse you from the public discourse, but they sought to victimize kids over and over. They sought to silence their experience. Their experiences mind you, being the only ones we should listen to when it comes to violence in our schools. We have, after all through decades of poor public policy made them the experts in this sort of thing.

They found reasons not to be upset about millions losing healthcare. Many of whom would ultimately die if their policies had gone forward as planned.

They found reasons not to be mad about what is now 144 thousand dead Americans. Many of whom would not be dead today if we lived in a country with competent leadership. We didn't require the savvy of a renowned thinker, the experience of a longtime public servant, or the presence of a savior to spare most of our fellow Americans, we just needed common sense. We throughout our history have employed many varying personalities at the position of president, none of whom, in all of our history could have been as profoundly unprepared as our current leader.

They have excused and tried to justify what was once considered insane. They have trafficked in talks of secret pedophile rings that most obviously do not exist. All the while ignoring the inexcusable sexual behavior of the commander and chief. And ignoring the fact that he wished well a soon to be convicted pedophile and child trafficker.

They and their constituents have sewn doubt about vaccines. Which has caused a spike in preventable childhood illnesses and deaths.

They had no problem with taking away additional unemployment from million Americans all the while keeping the money flowing by the trillions from the Federal Reserve to prop up financial institutions that have time and time been deemed predatory.

We shouldn't be surprised by Republicans anymore. Nor should they be surprised this November.

Vote like your life depends on it.

Vote for the people who died in hospitals alone

Vote for the kids sleeping in a cage without knowing where their parents are or what country they are in

Vote for the wall of moms who were pepper-sprayed by unmarked federal agents while protecting protesters

Vote to reject anyone who'd wish a sex trafficker well at the podium of the Presidency.

Vote like your life depends on it, because it very well could.


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