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Vote means money in India with muscle men around.

Updated on May 6, 2013
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I am a Textile Technocrat having done my Diploma in Textile in Textile Technology a 3 and 1/2 year course in Govt SKSJTI Bangalore.

Checking your Name in Voters List with your Voters !D Number.

Fore Finger marked with Black/Violet Color.

How will they Check the Face ? - A Lady will be there.

After your finger is marked you go inside a booth and press the number you want which the official will tell.( He will press also )

Secret Booth for Voting which you enter after you are told how to oprate incase you do not know.

Show me your Finger.

A single stroke carefully applied on the nail and below its skin is a sign that you have cast your vote on the day.Those who do not have it have not voted due to some reason.A survey of all these people from filthy rich to the poorest of the poor including beggars who are quite a big population in our country is helpful to the Election Commissioner and his team to take up the matter at the appropriate level and take suitable action.

Having said that I wish to say that I lived in a village for quite a long period and there I found that not a single person having not voted.The village Head Man called as Panchayat President makes sure that every family member who is above the age of 18 including those who have just completed 17 are enlisted in the voters list and ensures that they have voted when he invites all of them with children for a feast after they caste vote only after voting is fully completed which will be a open dinner in front of his house.There are scouts who check who has not reported for dinner and a list is made for action.

Once the results are out all those who have voted in the village are eligible for a big gift given after the formation of the govt.In Tamil Nadu when the present Govt came to power the villagers were given a TV.A Electric Grinder & Mixer,A Fan to all Ration Card Holders.The villagers complain that there is no power to use them.Many have sold it to people who paid cash and took them.During previous govt they gave Gas Cylinders with Stoves.They promised TVS Excel 2 wheeler's but they got defeated.

In Bangalore nothing like that happens but the items that are distributed mostly cash and few things like school bags,pressure cooker and clothes.Few people get 250 liters of Whisky bottle by a certain source.A new method was invented in this year by arranging 15 people carrying Traveler Bus to holy places nearer to the places city.One more did a Holy Homa at a temple and called many lady's by Cell phone to visit the temple and take gifts which were Rs.1,000/- Cash and a Sari.

With so much money will there be no misuse, no chance there are Muscle Men Spy's.


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