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Be Valuable! Volunteer!

Updated on January 5, 2018

Lead the Way!

A Single Volunteer Can Make A Big Difference! Will You Be One?
A Single Volunteer Can Make A Big Difference! Will You Be One? | Source

Make Your TIme Count--Volunteer!

The needs of others often spur decent people to step up and give heroic help. Maybe it is during the crisis of a natural disaster, maybe it's when a financial failure hits relatives or friends.

Perhaps an illness causes people to band together on behalf of a sick person, or a public cause for a specific disease compels people from across the country to reach out and help find solutions by giving money.

Opportunities to volunteer to help people are available in every segment of society. From newborns to our most elderly the chances to help others cross racial and cultural lines. Volunteer opportunities are plentiful in every culture.

However, volunteerism is something we should give real thought to so we can invest our resources where they will do the most good. Effecting positive and lasting change in a situation or a society requires some knowledge and insight into the problems.

Our effectiveness depends on wisdom, but thankfully, it's not hard to think through the issues people face so we can give them the tools they need not only to survive an immediate need, but to rise above it.

Times change and our responses to people in need change with advances in technology but how attitudes change over time can encourage as well as warn us.

Be a Volunteer!

Your hands can be helping hands.
Your hands can be helping hands. | Source

Once Upon a Time...

Another hubber’s post on the moon landing got me to thinking about the past. That excursion back in time likely provoked some brain cells to work hard at time travel for many more readers than just myself.

In those times, I took jugs of water to school in Central Florida and learned to scoot under my desk on command. We were third-graders on guard in case Cuba attacked during school hours. We went to the moon, and our president was assassinated.

At the same time, my husband was going to school in the progressively sophisticated north. His science teacher taught his class that babies in the womb had gills. He, like many other young children who were used to going to bed at a decent hour, got to stay up late to watch news coverage of the moonwalk (one frame every 12 or so seconds).

Doctors claimed the end of disease with the birth of antibiotics. We witnessed unprecedented growth in education, science, and medicine in spite of the fact that there were no PCs or Macs. Those times that are mocked by today's youth were where the groundwork was laid for the amazing things we all have today.

The vision was back there and progressively the work taking us forward to the current future continued. We grew up in spectacular times of research, progress, and hope.

The Future

Just imagine, though, what the children of tomorrow will say about the times they grew up in...

A once-upon-a-time girl in the future might say that although she grew up in the time when feminists claimed they had won the victory, in actual fact, she knows that it was a sad day and time. Experience, she might say, has taught a nation much.

Infants needed their mothers. Little girls needed to be taught to protect themselves by not dressing provocatively, but their moms were dressing like streetwalkers to go to work, then suing coworkers and employers for sexual harassment.

Little boys needed to be taught that they were needed but instead they were taught the exact opposite. Families needed unity, but their fabric was pulled to pieces.

In their future as adults, children of today will recognize that parents allowed their government to permit child pornography to permeate the culture, that they let predators freely walk about in society, and that recognition will have consequences.

They will understand that the dollar sign was the bottom line with parents, educators, doctors, lawyers, and politicians. They will understand that what passed for entertainment is the reason so many social problems continued to escalate.

And their hearts will break at the realization that it didn’t have to be that way. It will be a sadder picture than we can imagine from this point in time unless something changes. The positive note is that we can begin making the needed changes.

As a nation we can stop making entertainment our god, stop filling the pockets of entertainers, especially those that actively oppose the goals we have for family and community, and thereby prevent them from promoting social agendas that are destroying the foundation of our country.

We can become politically active and take action toward being more informed through the groups we join, hopefully groups that are supporting candidates with some undamaged brain cells. Groups that are thinking through the issues that their community and nation face rather than listening to media rhetoric should be first choices.

Who Are Volunteers?

No one else can do what you can do as well as you can do it! One person can make a difference and go on to inspire others to do the same.

Give of your resources or your time. Talk and write about volunteering to help others. Get involved! Your efforts will multiply when others respond to the inspiration.

Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you have helped someone in some way by being a volunteer!

How do children benefit from volunteers' efforts?

Vote, volunteer, and be valuable! It's easier and more important than you might think.

How can volunteers make a difference when they give their time?

We can Volunteer

There really are some positive changes that we could make personally and corporately. We can take responsibility for the future. We can teach truth to those who will one day lead the country.

We can volunteer in schools through groups who are trying to make sure that children are not left to the NEA and its associates and benefactors. We can support efforts to encourage children to get all they can out of their educations, not only doing their best but then doing some more of their best in order to rise above the downward spiral of society.

Be sure of it, I’m preaching to the choir. My church reaches out to the children in our poorest communities through a classroom program. I once volunteered in that school program and I know I need to do it again.

Yes, it takes some effort, but the fact is, it’s worth the effort. Get involved in charitable work. Remember, no one else can do what you are responsible for doing as well as you can do it. One can make a difference and inspire others to do the same. Vote, volunteer, and be valuable!

Volunteers make an impact!

It's not too late to get help--volunteer your time!

Various Motivations

Kindness Speaks for Itself:

Choose to Volunteer!

Choosing to be a volunteer in one's community is a great first step. Knowing how to give the best help can be learned through experience but there are guides available that hasten the learning process.

Make a Difference: The Ultimate Volunteer Handbook is a very useful tool for anyone wishing to be involved in their community. It's information can be used to teach high school students about opportunities that will help them be effective community members and the book makes a fine gift to socially conscious family and friends.

What volunteer programs are you familiar with?

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    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 2 years ago from the short journey

      Peggy W:

      Thank you for sharing your mother's example here! And also for stopping by this hub. It is so sad that so many opportunities to mentor children are going down the drain for the sake of entertainment and because of a growing welfare mindset among people.

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 2 years ago from Houston, Texas

      You are so correct in that volunteer work is not only much needed but the rewards are great for not only the organization receiving one's help (most could not exist without volunteers!) but the rewards coming back to the person volunteering is also great. I grew up seeing my mother volunteer in many different ways and for different things and have carried on that tradition in my lifetime.

      You are also correct in that children need good role models and the entertainment industry for the most part does not give them that. We also cannot count on government filling all of our needs. People to people help and good teaching of values and mentoring is often what is most needed. Great hub!!! Happy to pass this along!

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 3 years ago from the short journey


      Thanks so much for sharing your experience here! Volunteer work often makes memories to last a lifetime, and it's important share the stories of our experiences so others will be encouraged in their plans and/or efforts to do volunteer work.

    • CraftytotheCore profile image

      CraftytotheCore 3 years ago

      I've been volunteering since I was 13. I started working in a hospital as a candy striper which they no longer allow here. I also have managed many fundraisers for food banks and schools. It's a very rewarding experience to volunteer. I did a bake sale for a food bank when my children were toddlers. I set them up at little desks with pretend rolling pins, flour, plastic cookie cutters, and leftover dough. I baked for a week straight, and they sat there right next to the kitchen pretending to roll out cookies. It was an awesome experience for all of us, and we raised enough money to cover the cost of a Thanksgiving basket to all the needy in town.

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 6 years ago from the short journey

      So appreciate that you stopped by. Thanks much for sharing your input because small ways add up to big things!

    • CaroleGayle profile image

      CaroleGayle 6 years ago from Chicagoland

      Thank you for this hub. It is great. I believe the world changes one person at a time. The person who reaches out to help another really does move the world, if in just a small way.

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 8 years ago from the short journey

      Bravo for your work with the disabled! Thanks for leaving a note of encouragement!

    • myownworld profile image

      myownworld 8 years ago from uk

      I can just tell that you're a very deep and sensitive person...and your caring is seen through your hubs. I work as a volunteer for mentally disabled people, so I can understand the need for it. Keep inspiring and motivating with your words...! take care, always -