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Voter Fraud According to President Trump

Updated on August 6, 2020

Depending on what media outlet you tend to favor, the answer will vary, but true facts do not. There has not been the amount of voter fraud in U.S. elections anywhere near what Trump is spouting. The fraudulent votes filed are minuscule for a population of over 300,000 million in decades of local and national elections. Voter fraud on the scale that Trump wants you to believe in simply does not exist except in his mind and those believers in him. Yet, he does have a point to some degree.

There is actually only one real type of voter fraud that he refers to frequently: those mailed in ballots, which differ than absentee ballots. Many states have ballots for elections mailed out to all listed voters on their records. This happens when elections arrive, whether local or national. The problem that Trump talks about is when a ballot for Joe Blow is sent to his last known address on record, yet, Joe no longer lives there or has died. The ballot arrives and whoever the current occupant is, in theory, could cast the ballot using Joe's printed ballot and mail it back. It has happened. Even if Joe did live there, any member could do the same without Joe even knowing simply by getting to mailbox first. Of course, then there are ballots that are lost or misplaced at various polling districts and other odd missing ballots that bad people may do (like, tossing them in trash). This whole fear is just a phobia of some in Trump's camp because the facts, while they do agree that some voter fraud does occur, it is hardly 3% in all the decades this crime has been studied. Unless an election is a near dead tie with only a few thousand votes between Biden and Trump, it is NOT going to be an issue unless Trump is screaming about it to cause chaos and refusing to vacate the White House until the final official count. This he will likely do even if the vote is nowhere close in his favor.

While some states have mailed in voting, others have a different, more secure form, called absentee voting. In this form, the voter of a state requests to vote absentee to avoid in person issues. Many states will offer this service in ads, but voters will need to request it and provide personal data to get one sent in the mail. This avoids ballots being sent out to Joe Blow who no longer lives at the last recorded address. The absentee voter receives the ballot and casts his votes via mail to the polling address to be counted. Because personal data is required, it is seen as a much more secure voting method and Trump agrees. Florida is one state that allows absentee voting and one that Trump, for now, likes. This could change when the state votes and clearly wants Biden.

Trump has told us what to expect from him should he lose. He will be a poor loser and one that will challenge the results until he is dragged out of the WH by security. He will file lawsuits to delay his exit until resolved, even if the proof is not there. Maybe he wants the Supreme Court to decide the outcome. He hopes that his pathetic base of supporters will join in his chorus whining about voter fraud just to cause delay and chaos in our democracy.

He wants to make Trump great again.


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