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Voters Tend To Vote For A Hierarchy And A Pecking Order At The Expense of Liberty..

Updated on September 13, 2012

Ever Notice That The Structure of Government Tends To Become Unnecessarily Punative Even In An Open Democracy That is Supposed To Favor Personal Liberty Over St

Every election that comes up in the USA comes back with people talking about a loss of liberty and too much big government. Someone always complains about too much government complexity and too many government regulations and overlapping regulations on top of regulations. Strangely many of the same voters who have this attitude at election time are the exact same voters who gave us the government officials whose intentions were to do just the opposite--expand government, make everything that used to be relatively simple highly complex , raise taxes and make the whole government experience an unnecessarily punitive way of life. Some call it stat-ism others tend to see it as a socialist tendency. My observations give me a slightly different point of view. I see this tendency as a popular demand for a kind of primal hoard experience in everyday life. The fact is that people are social animals and they have ingrained instincts to join groups and to gain a position in the group that gives them a sort of permanent status. Among chickens we call it a pecking order. With dogs we call their instinct to socialize joining a pack and asserting dominance when necessary. We humans tend to have the a similar social instinct and many of us are just simply programed to seek to establish a hierarchy where they find a station in life with a position in society to be nothing more than just a jerk and an honorable jerk in that position. If fulfills some basic need because of the instinct just like cars on the freeways of America have to tailgate your car or pass you above the speed limit just as a matter of something we might call honor or prestige in not being behind other cars going the speed limit. Government is not just populated by psychopathic characters seeing what they can get away with at no expense to themselves but infinite expense to others. That tends to be the leadership class and they are not so concerned with the pecking order because they intend to go streight to the top or be near the top.

We see it everyday in the legislatures and courts of America which is supposedly the most free country on earth where officials and judges pass laws or make decisions that are ultimately punitive just for the sake of being divisive and to show that a lust for power achieved is worth the power accrued in a career of power seeking. That is why we have laws in the USA like a 'voluntary' income tax system that makes it mandatory with stiff punitive sanctions for non compliance. It would be perfectly possible to change the tax system so that the taxes were automatically paid in every transaction almost unnoticeable to consumers and producer in the economy. Instead we have developed a system that makes punitive measures and fear of those punitive measures as the mandatory compliance tool. It not only makes government bigger and more complex than it would otherwise be it makes things in society more devisive. Simplicity is disposed of to give the maximum number of people a feeling of having power over others in society. Most members of the Libertarian party tend to have a lot less psychological need to be in the great chain of being of pecking orders, hierarchy and dogie pack dominance. A larger percentage of the population actually demands this kind of primal nonsense including the hazing rituals to help people achieve positions in a huarache with a sense of having survived the ritual process to excel in a system just built to make people feel better about themselves at the expense of others and to sometimes even overly pay them for spending a lifetime doing absoultely nothing other than pretending to look and to be important figures in society.

We see it in big cities and some small towns across America where governments provide union labor jobs only at so called prevaling wages that far excede ordinary wages. Governments now are in the habbit of using the sustainability buzz word for all the good they are doing . Look closely and you find out that there is nothing sustainable about their greening ideology except the lies. Governments will build up jobs in their local economies digging holes and refilling them for no reason. It becomes expensive and very serious business that those wholes are dug and refilled constantly. The only reason the holes maybe being dug is because someone in a higher office can order it be done and then feel good about him or herself for being someone making decisions that other have to follow. When nothing is being accomplished and / or results are completely negative for the efforts government always lets us citizens know that what ever they say they are doing, even if they are not, is a resounding great success. If we don't agree they become as punitive as they can towards a critic.

It really all comes down to a political science of pecking orders. Psychopathic politicians can achieve great success as confidence men selling access to government pecking order higher possitions to the highest bidders. Voters identify with the aggressors. Voters often feel as if something is being accomplished creating offices for as many jerks as possible and they love the idea of watching their elected officials get away with doing the opposite of what they say they are going to do. It is not sport it is pecking order among the chicken people of our society. People who have positions and abuse those position are considered heroes by a larger percentage of voters that put the politicians in office year after year and term after term of abuse. A lot of political scientists would disagree saying government is just doing the best as it can and doing it as hard as they can try. That is because they themselves relish the pecking order for the whole cause for the existence of too much government. In a pecking order someone on the margins has to suffer and be seen suffering for you to feel better about your own station in life. Pecking order mentality requires that things don't ever get done. So when people say government does not work or should act more like a business they are missing the point. Government fails on purpose because the goal of realizing the pecking order for the maximum number of principles some paid and some unpaid or just approved.


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