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Voting- Why Should We Do It?

Updated on October 31, 2016

Why Should We Vote?

Yes like I have mentioned before we all have our own opinion about voting, Democrats, Republicans, Independents. Me? I grew up with a family divided, my parents were Republicans and my grandparents we Democrats, so you can say that I have had it pretty rough when the elections came around. What am I now? Nothing. I've learned over the years and growing up that the elections tear people apart and I've seen many friends and family members fight with each other. People who were once close, are not as close as they use to be. That's why I try not to read everything that I see on any social media that is related to politics, I have friends and family that will vote for Donald Trump or for Hillary Clinton, some that are just like me and are waiting for all of this to blow over. But will it end when we finally elect someone? No. It doesn't matter who we put in, there will be threats of impeachment, just like when Obama was first elected as president and the second time as well. My views on the president situation; I don't really care who is president as long as they know how to get the job done. Every time there is an election coming up our Economy gets worse, these elections tear our country apart when we really should be coming together and focusing on solving the real problems. If it won't make the government money, they won't help.

We Have A Voice

Believe it or not, we have a voice. There are some theories that the government doesn't actually let us vote for our own president, and that they think that we are too stupid to pick our own president. I haven't actually dug any deeper with that theory but maybe they're on to something. Think about it: What if they are just putting ballots up just to see who we would want and if we don't agree with them they will just pick who they think is best for the country anyways. Makes sense considering the president doesn't have any real power. If there is a new bill or law that the president has thought up then it goes through a process to see if the cabinet agrees, they are the real power behind the closed doors of the White House. So everyone freaking out that Donald Trump will build a wall, first it has to go through that long process to see if anyone else agrees with the idea. Am I saying that it won't happen if he becomes president? No, there might be a tiny chance that it could slip through. I also think that this election might be pretty close if not already the worst one we've had in a while, everyone is seeing everyone else's true colors and just like with the Obama election, they are calling others racists. Am I saying that is just because of this election? No but it is playing a big part. Look at the rally's for Trump or for Sanders, notice that people who are against the one that the rally is for gets beaten up? It doesn't matter if you are African American, White, Muslim, or Asian, if you are there surrounded by a bunch of people who are cheering for Trump or Sanders then yes, you will have something started. And that is where we are coming apart, we are letting our voice be heard, but for the wrong reasons and instead it is starting things that shouldn't be started. Once the government sees that we are coming apart it just means more profit for them.

Good or Evil?

Let's talk about Anonymous- Some people look up to him as a Mysterious Hero, others look down at him as a Villain that knows too much information with too much time on his hands. Is he telling the truth? Is he slowly exposing the government and other politics for who they really are? No one really knows for sure, or what his intentions really are. Just like voting for a president some agree with his ways of getting things done, some don't. But does anyone question how he gets some of his information? Not really, they just get it and run wild with the newly found (or not so new) dirt that has been dug up. Do I really care about where or how he is getting this? Not really, a little part of me does but the rest of me agrees with what he is saying about the government and every thing else is common knowledge if you really sit down and think about it. Is he the hero that we've been waiting for that is like a cobra and waits until the right time to strike? Or is he really just a dark shadow that is looking for puppets to control? No one really knows for sure, we take what we can get on whatever news he has and see if we agree with it or not. Is he the Anti Christ that will destroy the government or is he Superman that will bring us together and is warning us about future disasters that lie ahead? I guess we will have to find out...

Government Hiding Stories?

People always say that if the social media is covering a small story that pops up out of random and that doesn't really make sense then they are covering up something that is bigger and that the government doesn't want you to worry about. Is that true? Maybe, just think about how unusually long the Kaepernick story went on for. Am I against people standing for the National Anthem? No, that's not what I'm saying, what I'm saying is while that went on, there are other more important stories that happened. (Click on the link below to find out what some of them are) And yes some of the stories are about politics and what is going on, shocker there, I know. So if something doesn't make sense, dig a little deeper, pull out the Google machine and see what is going on and if there is a bigger story that the government doesn't want you to worry about or if they messed up somewhere and are looking for an escape goat until they can find a way to fix their mistake or cover it up. Am I saying that with this article that I think that the government is all bad? No, I agree a little bit of the time to what they say. That counts for something right? Should you believe everything that you read in a magazine or see on the news or see on the a social media? Again no, because again if you see something weird like Nutty the Squirrel surfing behind an RC boat then they are covering something up or that is one cool squirrel and he should have his own fan page.

Don't Forget to Tip the Waitress

I will let you decide on whether or not the government is right or wrong and in what ways, I didn't write this to start anything. In no way, shape or form am I looking for a fight, like I mentioned in the beginning twice, we all have our own opinion.

Well that's it on this small segment, article, Hub, blog. Whatever you want to call it. Sorry for it being so small, it's been awhile since I wrote something. Hopefully I will think of an article that interests me a little bit more to where I can write almost twice as much as this. Let us know how you like it and if you have any thoughts or comments don't forget to do so.

Baby Bat

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