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Voting with principle

Updated on April 21, 2014

This election year the manner in which we vote will say much about the principles in which we believe. This election year we again have the opportunity to change the path of our country and our decisions have never been as important as they are now. Our economy and our financial stability have decreased as a result of the national debt we have accumulated. It is important we make the right choices when voting to elect or reelect officials to represent us regardless of the level of government in which they will serve. President John Quincy Adams made a statement as profound today as it was when he said it. The quote states:

“Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost”

Many individuals feel their vote is not important in the millions who will vote both in the primaries and the general election in November and nothing could be further from the truth. Each vote is important and while the individuals we choose to represent us may not be the ones who win the election it do not mean our votes are lost.

We may have difficult choices to make given those running for office and some feel our votes are a matter of choosing the lesser of two evils. It is sad to say that this situation happens at election time. Those currently serving the constituents make mistakes but it is how those mistakes are made which will make the difference if they are reelected. Some vote strictly on party line while others vote utilizing the principles in which they believe.

Voting for individuals who believe in the principles we have is a good start to making a change in the culture now in place in Congress. We must however ensure that the principles upon which candidates profess to have matched the decisions they have made while serving or their private lives. Many individuals profess to have certain principles but their actions do not match their words.

Individuals with principles whose objectives are to better the country or their state need to get involved this election year in large enough numbers to change the course of our country. Congress overall does not appear to have principles in place that match what the public expect from their elected officials. While this perception affects the approval rating of Congress and government overall there are individuals who took a stand in support of their principles regardless of what their party leaders thought. These are the kind of individuals who we need in Congress to represent us.

Many decisions have been made regarding proposed legislation and even some passed by the House and sent to the Senate. Some may feel that it is a waste of time to push legislation to a part of Congress that will do noting with them. Passing legislation from the House to the Senate has been in many cases a matter of principle and sometimes not. Those we elect this year should have one critical principle on which they should vote, honor the Constitution. This involves generating a fiscal responsible path for our country.

Another principle which is needed by Congress and those who serve in it is a limited government philosophy. Government has grown too big and in many cases is involved in activities which are not connected to their constitutional responsibilities. Government functioning upon the right principles should reign in government regulations and the rules that accompany them. Decisions made by departments and agencies while they are not elected individuals affect the manner in which government operates. Congress and those with principles to do the right thing for our country need to control rules and regulations which are harmful to the economy. This is their responsibility as the legislative body that is responsible to pass the legislation to resolve issues. In passing legislation the content must be clear as to what the authority of each department/agency can and cannot do when creating regulations to support the laws.

We need to elect more individuals who will stand up for their principles and thereby increase the impact they will have on decisions made by Congress. Leaders of both political parties do not have all the answers and they need to listen to those serving the best interest of the country not their political party. There is a new wave of individuals who are tired of how government is not working for the people and how the people are working for government. Government is there to be a support function not a dictating function. Individuals who believe in this philosophy are the ones we need to elect or reelect this election year.


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