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Logic in Voting

Updated on October 1, 2016

Chose Wisely

Voter remorse?

I never have voter remorse. I have a way to elect candidates. It is based on very simple logic. For example, the President of the United States is the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. Therefore, he needs to have an understanding of the military and how the military works. If he does not have this history, then he does not even get considered.

In addition to this, I judge his performance in relationship to this concept. The current administration has failed in the very basic premise since the beginning.

Obama did not have any qualifications to perform at this level, for a country that is waging a global war on terrorism.

He has failed to put the National Security of the America as primary. He has supported our enemies and condemned our allies.

He does nothing when North Korea, and Iran saber rattle. He cut the defense departmentbudget, killing many defense contracts. He has cut NASA by around 50%, which has always been linked to the Defense Department.

There has been attacks on our own military installations. The Fort Hood massacres is a horrible disgrace of this administration.

Prosecution of our Special Forces, and trumped up charges against the true patriots of this country that lay everything on the line.

The games about moving POW's into the country for civilian trial instead of making sure that they are submitted in a military tribunal as which is appropriate for POWs are captured on the battlefield.

Obama disregard for his top Generals in the field are appauling. He does not listen nor does he care for the military and its leaders.

Simple logic, Obama is a failure.

Hillary Clinton would be just as bad. She would abuse the military in the same fashion and we can see this with her responses in relationship to the Ben Ghazi incident.

Lets move on, the position of the Vice President is to be head of NASA. Most people are unaware of this. The Vice President has very limited authority, and so when NASA was formed the top individual for this agency is the Vice President of the United States. Therefore, a Vice President should have an understanding of what NASA does. Therefore, Joe Biden has failed in his primary role, since he did not stand up to Obama, when Obama was making these cuts. Joe Biden speaks tuff about supporting the troops during the previous administration but has done nothing since he has been a Vice President. He is hypocrite.

Both of these individuals have failed.

If I ran for President, I can stand in a simple understanding because I have served several years in the military and the department of defense, and I would chose the best qualified for the positions, the vice president would be chosen from amongst individuals that have an understanding for NASA and its effects. If we can shoot a rocket to discover that there was once water on the moon, then a base can be placed on the moon to shot back at the earth, and the impact could be disastrous.

Unfortunately, politics get in the way of competency, and the people suffer. America is still the greatest country, and it can still be the greatest country but not of the current path of this administration.

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