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Vox Populi Vox Deit

Updated on March 22, 2010


The voice of the people is the voice of God.  Somewhere in the bible I recall it stating that oneday you will hear the voice of God telling you to go forward that what your doing is true and right.  The people and their voice, may come in the way of signatures from a petition of right.  I am looking for ways to get the police to act.  A declaration of a complaint becomes possible.  Western Australia had always been lawed by the police act from the 1850's.  Now it is controlled by the Criminal Code of the 2000's.  Now we need the police to act.  If we become a republic we are doomed.  The Australian constitution has clauses, it is the ninth clause that will prevail with God save the queen.  It is up to us, the Australian people if we want to be bound by English law.  America needs to reform and become that super power to back up the Aboriginal people and the Roman Catholic people who through prohibition are prevented from protecting their own.  Interdict has not finished, so war still present which allows the idea of peace to prevail.  Australia is a penal colony with settlement occuring in New South Wales.  Settlement by the English claims that they acknowledge a legal system already in place however it was not the way.  So what happened is they moved in and made the people take on their laws.  This was for a good reason.  If Australia had been conquered the English would  have taken on the laws of the Aboriginal people as their own and moved in.  Eventually however as time progressed the laws would be slowly changed and addapted to suit evil.  There would be no return.  Nowhere to run.  The commonwealth not yet being an empire, vatican and America yet to help establish.  Now ancient Greece Knossos, little island of crete, when mind is free from fear of war and starvation can it go to higher things.  Western Australia can conquer.  The queen is personally immune from suit, the govenor general is her seargant at arms.  Rottnest Island being set up to gaol them for life.  Not a bad outcome for a convict island.  It is said that a major inditement against a government can not be done, but a class action can be done.  English law is parliament, two houses.  How can two houses divided stand.  Treaty as a word relates to disease health poverty... We must get rid of the world to save the planet, like iceage 1000 year plan.  W.A is the small yet vast area to begin.  Conquer.  I cannot run no more, there is nowhere left for me to go.  This refers to people telling me to MOVE when I complain about being robbed!  Well I did move, about 40kms south of Perth back to my parents.  I am from the most isolated city in the world I can not go any further.  I as a single white female of 37years of age has been forced to move in with parents.  This is an experience.  Several years ago I had almost everything I owned stolen(piano was to heavy) I was thrown in jail and they took my skirting boards and some windows as well as my time..  This was in October 2004 the criminal code was taking over the police act.  To be released from jail I had to go back to my parents. that was Febuary 2005.  THe courts were booked out until then.  I have tried moving a few k's away but have been bashed and robbed plenty more.  This was and is bad why should I move I am from here and bad things never happened at home, but it had followed I am not running there is nowhere to go.  I am fighting a war.  I am a soldier. not a terror.  The criminal code is illegal but fortunately we are yet to conquer.  Conquered colonies can't. English as a language english is a people.


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