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Santorum Stops Republicans' Unmanned Political Train

Updated on February 10, 2012

A few weeks ago my family rented the 20th Century Fox movie Unstoppable with Denzel Washington and Chris Pine. Great movie if you like trains and underdogs. The movie's heroes could have stepped aside and allowed the company to solve a dangerous situation as an unmanned train careened into Stanton, PA loaded with explosive chemicals. Instead, they took it upon themselves, risking not only their jobs, but their lives as well. Their solutions were based on experience and common sense with a clear goal that does not involve their well being.

We all enjoyed the film at home and this past week my brother mentioned the movie once more as he watched Senator Rick Santorum board his political train into Iowa's caucuses. At first I did not make the connection, then I heard the whistle blow as the train pulled in.

The movie depicts the railway company covering its tracks as the incident goes public and turmoil erupts within its organization. All decision-makers disagree how to best approach the solution and chaos among the ranks breaks loose. The goals of each gate-keeper differ, so they can not, in the midst of an emergency, agree on a plan. As the Republican party enters its primaries for presidential candidate I could see the same gate-keepers differing on what was the best approach to the emergency. The polls all predicted falsely Senator Santorum would be in the lower tier since his conservative views are too radical to represent the nation while all eyes focused on Governor Romney. The media pushed both Gov. Romney and Speaker Gingrich. The mud-slinging battle began from some while others wanted a civil argument between contenders. The rest of the world watched.

And so these two groups emerged with differing goals. In the movie one group wanted to save the company, then the people. The other wanted to save the people and that's all. In this parallel world of politics one group wants to bring down President Obama and then work with the nation's problems. The other wants the nation to decide what course to follow according to its conscience hoping to convince the nation that it is best to bring down President Obama. And the voters just want someone who they can count on.

How is it that Iowans were polled and the results of these polls are diametrically opposed to Iowans' votes? The media told Sen. Santorum that he was not re-elected by the people in Pennsylvania; that he was a "has been" and so, not electable for president. Denzel Washington's character was forced to retire, a "has been" and only good to train others to do his job. The media also separated the tiers into social issue defenders and practical solution makers placing Sen. Santorum in the social issues category. Are Iowans not interested in fixing the economy, foreign affairs, immigration and fighting terrorism? Far from it. Each candidate needs to prove that the promises they make will be kept and their wishy-washy or solid stands on social issues give people the litmus test needed to know who will keep their promises when jobs, social security and national security are at stake. In Unstoppable Denzel Washington's family life was everything to him and how he solved his family problems helped him face and solve a crisis at work that endangered lives. People could count on him.

Sen. Santorum did what Denzel Washington's character portrayed in the movie: he knew who he was, he knew what he knew and what was at stake and he got on the train and corrected the errors done by others. When asked about his radical views on gay marriage, contraception and faith Sen. Santorum described his beliefs. When asked if these represented the nation enough to defeat President Obama all he said was let the people decide.

People watching recognized the risks involved to righten a wrong: in the film the brakes had not been engaged; in politics the media dictates, without brakes, where this nation should end up. Well, in the film people backed Washington up. Iowans proved the press and polling organizations wrong and backed Sen. Santorum.

A dangerous explosion was averted in the film because men did not follow blindly the established rules that protected the company, they followed common sense. Lets hope a political explosion has been averted since people did not follow what the media dictated. After all, is the conservative media so afraid to loose to President Obama that they are willing to sell the nation's soul as did Cubans in the late 1950s to Fidel Castro just to get rid of Fulgencio Batista? Stop insulting the people by telling us how to vote. Let the people decide.

Do you believe the press should back up candidates and remain impartial in reporting?

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    • Agnes Penn profile imageAUTHOR

      Maria del Pilar Perez 

      6 years ago from Nicholson, Pennsylvania, USA

      Thank you, moon, for your wonderful comment and following.

      Loved the movie; hit a chord of harmony with the candidate.

      I pray America will continue to be God-blessed and realize it's time to fight for that blessing or it will be taken away.

    • moonstruck4ever profile image


      6 years ago from somewhere in upstate New York

      Very good! Good writing and you make the point perfectly! I will now be following you.

    • Agnes Penn profile imageAUTHOR

      Maria del Pilar Perez 

      6 years ago from Nicholson, Pennsylvania, USA

      Thank you, J Elaine. My vote goes to anyone who can prove they walk the talk, regardless if their personal views are similar or differing than mine. I want a president who will do what he promises.

    • J Elaine profile image

      J Elaine 

      6 years ago from Northern Minnesota

      Great hub!

      They're all furiously reporting on every poll trying to figure out what's going to happen next. What a pathetic bunch of idiots. You'd think they'd learn.

      We the people will decide and my vote is for Santorum.


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