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Updated on October 24, 2010

Reinstate Mr. Juan Williams.

The sacking of Juan Williams by NPR is no surprise to many people, in that, according to the head of the broadcasting company, he has been warned several time for making remarks that are not conducive to company standards, rules or policies during his tenure.

Though, his appearance on FOX News programs has categorized him as leaning toward liberalism, as his political effusion and social analysis have indicated in several instances, on many occasions.

He has been a contributor on FOXNewsSUNDAY and FOXNEWS SPECIAL REPORT for quite some time; and he is ebullient and smart, otherwise they will not have him there.

However, the mere fact that, in a simple statement, (that) he becomes a little bit skittish, when he finds himself on the same flight with Muslims as co-passengers; and that the scenario opens or subscribes to a weary feeling in his mind.

That is a fact; and it is a sentiment shared by a whole lot of people. Undoubtedly, it is a common feeling that is widespread among the traveling public these days.

Americans are more capricious, when traveling abroad now than they have ever been in the past, particularly, when doing so on a plane; and for a personal observation, to that effect, to be used as "the smoking gun" to trigger his ouster is quite appalling. That is why it is causing so much public outrage.

The reason being obvious that Muslims have caused 9/11; and the fact remains that they will do it again; the most notable example being the Christmas day "underwear" bomber, Umar Farouk Adbulmutallab. His attack has been planned to take place fifteen thousand feet above ground. He will detonate his device in the air, while the plane is in flight over Detroit. Gruesome; isn't it?

It has failed to ignite, because the bomber, who happens to look like any ordinary traveling companion among the rest of the passengers; men, women and children; on the plane, has forgotten the procedure to pull the cord that is supposed to cause the explosion.

Many people will be dead by now; but presently, they are angry at NPR for overreacting to Mr. Williams' statement. Its officials are afraid of the Islamic backlash that will ensue, and therefore they will let him go to avoid that; knowing fully well that they are giving way to outside influence in the decision making process of the company. Besides, they are taking his right to free speech and thrashing it; and in journalism, that will be looked upon as pure censorship.

For a broadcasting company to be accused of fostering censorship, in broad daylight, it stands to lose, not just its credibility to broadcast information accurately and freely; but also the confidence to please the same public it intends to serve, and from which it inclines to attract and derive its business support to survive. Isn't that foolish?

Many are saying that, because of political correctness, you cannot tell the truth anymore; or else it might offend a certain group, be it a religious, a political or a social entity. Needless to say NPR is seen as leading the way, by adopting that ideology, to choose what it wants people to hear; and thus, suppressing freedom of speech in this country.

To expiate itself from such foul accusations, let NPR reinstate Mr. Williams instantaneously. They (managers) will be happy if they do; or the public will come down on them like a ton of bricks.


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