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WAR is not the best solution towards peace

Updated on May 18, 2016

War is NOT pointless

I have a lot of respect for soldiers. I believe War can be necessary in some situations.

Lets look at it in a smaller scale.

Lets say you are trapped in a room with one door. On the other side of that one door is a person you don't understand.

This person is screaming and saying they are going to kill you. You know he has a gun. He opens the door points the gun at you. You have a a gun also. Would you stop and try to talk this crazy unknown person out of killing you or would you pull the trigger. Human nature will most likely make you shoot. especially if you are a parent and your child is in the room with you.

So how can we avoid this from happening on a bigger scale between societies?

possible solutions

I do not have a straight forward answer of what could work. Just many small ideas and some general things that i think will have to happen in order for peace.

Here are some ideas

Try to work with our enemies people / civilians. The more relationships built with government, business, and friendship the closer we will be to world peace.

This will take 1000s of years in my opinion to make world peace happen on its own. Unless we find a way to gather almost every country that's enemies with each other and we have one huge party! lol that might not happen in my lifetime or ever.

If people in power or even people not in power put more time and resources towards how to negotiate with a crazy person {unknown person} We might be able to eventually always get out of having to kill our enemies.

Maybe we could have an organization that revolves around this idea like another branch in our military. If we actually had teams of professionals working at this for years we are bound to find solutions.

leaders can make or brake great things

What is a good leader? Some one who puts his followers needs in front of their own.

Some one who doesn't rise to the occasion to gain power but to change something for the right reason.

A good leader has a vision and isn't afraid of taking risks. They will take advice from many people because they put intelligence over pride.

A good leader knows they are not better than anyone else but they have a lot of confidence.

A bad leader is the opposite of everything a good leader is. There will always be both good and bad leaders.

If enough leaders/countries pursuit a goal of working together in an equal partnership then eventually we can get to a point where every country is working together. Which will make it easier for good leaders to carry out their visions.

Martin Luther King jr

How to kill the unkillable

You could say there is a sickness in humanity. People like Adolf Hitler and Caligula will always be around. There will always be an EVIL person with their own traits. What if that wasn't true. What if these traits are actually inside of our DNA. Maybe some day we could take those traits out and evolve into a society with better morals?

This is another long term solution which could work but will take more time than I can imagine.

My main point is there are many other solutions for peace. Most of which i'm sure have not been discovered. So I hope I have inspire some one to help mankind find a solution.

Is war war-th it?

Do you believe there are better solutions than war?

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