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Updated on September 1, 2012

It might be that he did not like them.

If there was no mention of the Afghan war in Gov. Mitt Romney's Republican Party acceptance speech on Thursday 30th, 2012, there should not be any wonder about that, because, the former governor was not a "war-like" person.

Of all the wars that the United States have fought and still fighting, including the Korean and Vietnam wars, he has had no connection of any kind with them. There was no history of a Romney engaged in any military conflict involving the U.S.

Yet, he was "proud" to point out that "America freed people from dictators," and for a person, who was aspiring to be president of the U.S., it would occur to him to remember thousands of soldiers out in the field, and risking their lives in Afghanistan and other such places around the world to protect people like himself and his family.

President Barack Obama has freed millions of Libyans only a year ago from a dictator named Gadhafi in North Africa during the "Arab spring" uprisings, and that has escaped Romney's mind, when he made that statement.

The Republican Party Convention had several items on its calendar, including music and balloons, falling down from the ceiling and confetti to shower on the delegates in the hall. All that were additions to bolster the enthusiasm of the delegation.

Prayers were said both at the beginning and at the end of the occasion, which was a great American tradition and value, giving spiritual inspiration and blessings to all the proceedings that had unfolded or were unfolding.

A one minute silence was even held in remembrance of persons or people, who have been affected by the fierce storm brewing in the Gulf of Mexico, Hurricane Issac; and that was a significant gesture by the delegates and the organizers of the event, to show how they cared about their fellow citizens.

However, nothing as saying "thank you" to the men and women in uniform, struggling in foreign lands to keep America and its people safe crossed anybody's mind; and most notably, that of Mitt Romney, who was hoping to be the next president of the U.S.

Voters should note how ungrateful people were, and how they soon forget; and they should find a way to reprimand those seeking political office, who should be more patriotic than those who were just watching them speak at the Convention itself and on television.

"Wars are fought to free people from dictators; but I have never been in one of them before," was what Mitt Romney should have said to his audience to indicate how honest he was.

Or it might be that he was a conscientious objector; hence, his forgetfulness of those fighting America's enemies to sustain its freedom. If so, he should let the country know.


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