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Updated on August 31, 2012

However, shouldn't one look closely?

Mitt Romney had his day, yesterday, in accepting the Republican Party nomination and to run as the party's representative in the 2012 presidential election.

In his acceptance speech, he wanted to sound as a regular person, and making gestures or reconciliation as if he had a grudge with his audience; but it was largely a conservative crowd, and there was no need for him to alter his ego and become like "Joe, the plumber" all of a sudden.

In other words, he wanted to look as plain and simple, just as someone from humble beginnings, who has had no help of any kind to reach where he presently found himself in life.

At least, his father was once the governor of the State of Michigan, and so, there was a great deal of influence, in a political and/or social sense, to back him up in his efforts to succeed in whatever he chose to do for a career.

He was no ordinary person, like Barack Obama, who had to struggle through infancy, and would engage in formal education at Columbia University in New York, and navigate the corridors of law school, and then would plod through the treacherous political system in the South side of Chicago to reach his goal.

That amounted to real hard work from any perspective; and he should have more lamentable stories to tell to exhibit humility, but not Romney. He, Romney, had a captive audience, and most of people at the Republican Party Convention knew him as a powerful business magnate, and so, any type of image transformation was not necessary.

The speakers that had come before and told of humanitarian experience stories that they have had in running into Romney sometime in their lives, and getting solace and empathy were heart wrenching, but that did not change him a bit. He had all the adulation he could get to make him acceptable to the voting public.

Yet, he was the same man, who had sat in judgment of closing business offices, industrial plants and factories that had rendered communities desolate and thousands of workers hapless and without any hope for their lives, only a short while ago, as the CEO of Bain Capital.

Asset acquisition has made him wealthy, and he has been successful in the corporate world, where "dog eats dog"; and if that did not involve a certain amount of ruthlessness, then his listeners have not been told the whole history of Mitt Romney, but only part of it, as a faithful husband, a good father and a family man.

Nonetheless, what was at stake was not just one person's character; it was the state of a nation, the United States of America, to be exact; and should it be a "saint" that should be at the helm of its government or a practical man, who has made Bin Laden, the mastermind of 9/11 attacks on mainland America, to take a dose of his (bin Laden's) own medicine?

It was true that the economy of the country was in bad shape, but it was also in free fall, until he came on the scene, and he was able to stop it from getting worse. It was also true that the economy, though, in a slow recovery, was on its way up, and pretty soon unemployment would be a thing of the past for millions of Americans; and he was hard at work, day and night, despite the reports that frequent golfing and vacation time being spent with his family, were distracting him from his duties.

Those anecdotes were designed to discredit his efforts to make things better than the condition in which he had found them for the people he promised "hope and change" in 2009, when he became president; and he was in the habit of making sure that he did not disappoint them, by diligently going about the enormous responsibility of being Head of State and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States, efficaciously.

He took the nation and its people seriously, and he would do all in his power to protect and keep them safe from any terror. He has broken the back of the most notorious terrorist group in the world, al Qaeda; and he was on the march to uproot the Taliban in Afghanistan, after stopping the war in Iraq.

His job was not finished, as he was determined to get Iran to come to its senses, and preventing it from acquiring a nuclear bomb. He would do the same with North Korea, by the use of diplomatic channels through the United Nations Organization, for peace to prevail around the world.

That person was, and is, President Barack Obama; and to try and replace him with a know-it-all team of Romney and Ryan, the official ticket for the Republican Party in the 2012 presidential election, would be incorrigible (that isn't my word, believe me) on the part of the American people.

The two, masquerading as "the savior of the economy team" was a mere charade, and that should not fool anyone. They were making all those promises to get to the White House; and then what?

It would be too late to know the actual manifestation of what would be the result. The world was getting more and more dangerous each and everyday, and promises were not the tools to apply to make living sustainable, but the wisdom to do the right thing at the right time. That was, and is, Obama for you.


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