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WELL SAID or tweeted, (SIR) RUPERT.

Updated on July 2, 2012

You deserve to be called, SIR.

One couldn't agree with (Sir) Rupert Murdoch more on several fronts today; like his comments on Scientology being a "weird cult" and "may be even evil," or Mormonism being "a mystery to me," as he had tweeted, when he was asked about that Religion.

Yet, his best critique was on Mitt Romney's campaign having amateurs to run his political machinery, instead of hiring "some real pros," for a serious undertaking as vying for a position as the presidency of the United States.

He mentioned that "President Obama's reelection campaign--comprised of "tough" Chicago political veterans-- will be tough to beat," and he was more than right, as those working for Romney were "close friends" and free loaders, who would jump on any political party's bandwagon for the money.

In fact he (Romney) has the numerous super PACs bringing in loads of campaign contributions, his handlers thought they could use media ads more to vilify Obama and his Affordable (Health) Care Act that the U.S. Supreme Court said just recently that it was constitutional, based on Congress enacting a "tax" burden on those who purposefully refused to buy health insurance.

He also has the Rasmussen pollster and many such organizations rooting for him, and saying for example that the Affordable Care Act has been unpopular by 50 to 44 percent since its inception. However, the question was, by whom or to whom were those percentages attributed?

Their surveys were conducted with or among many small businesses, who did not want to pay for health insurance for their employees. It cut into their profits, and as such they would want to remain in the old health care system that gave them cover. The new law would force them out, on the basis of the IRS going after them and making them pay their fair share.

They were lucky that the Democrats did not attach a jail term to the legislation; and now they (small business owners) would be asked to pay a fine or a "tax", as Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts pointed out in his court's final decision to make the Affordable Care Act constitutional.

The Romney camp did not think that Rasmussen and some pollsters were like "book makers" in Europe, and they could put any poll numbers out for public consumption just for what they could get in return, in the form of compensation.

The mainstream media was also having their political commentators and contributors helping him (Romney) out, but what they failed to realize was that people knew that the media themselves depended on the advertisement industry; and so, putting out negative adverts on behalf of Obama's opponent was profitable to them (media).

Such were some of the strategies that Romney was banking on, more than having real professionals doing the job to make him stand out as a "bona fide" challenger to Obama.

The monotone of "I will repeal Obamacare, if I am elected president," will resonate for only a little while, and then it will become stale, especially when the benefits of the law have been fully comprehended by the American people.

"Tax" from those known to have failed to obey the law would go to foot the program; and that was what its (law's) opponents and political pundits were guarding against; and so, when they were asked about its real contents, they just would ramble on with what the traditional Insurance companies wanted to hear, that "the law was unpopular".

In fact, a new day has dawned on the health care industry, when the uninsured would be insured by law, even though they had pre-existing condition; and children could remain on their parents coverage until the age of 26, plus many more advantages to the middle class and working people in the country.

However, as the president said on accepting the Supreme Court's decision, that, "We must move on," and make corrections to the program, if any should come up.

Yet, Romney would continue his imprudent rant on the "Act", as his semi-professional handlers were telling him to do; and he would end up a cropper, as he has always been, in the 2012 presidential election as well.

The warning had come from a person, who owned a major part of the media, both in America and in several parts of the world; and so, it would be better for the Romney campaign to listen good.

Bravo, (Sir) Rupert Murdoch for being so plain, but wholly truthful in your tweets.


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