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Updated on August 29, 2012

How great thou art, Romney; but...

Mitt Romney got three things going for him last night, the nomination of his party, the glowing tribute from a beautiful, loving wife, Ann Romney, and a keynote speech that was made in New Jersey, the garden state that has more Democrats than Republicans, but Chris Christie, with his modern conservatism, fought his way to become its governor.

As Mrs. Romney was making her husband to look like a lovable person, a father of her children and a man very close to her heart, there was no doubt that the delegates to the Republican Party Convention in Tampa, Fla, would respond with a resounding and stirring string of ovation in support of her.

They loved her, and wanted her speech to be exceptional, and it did; with a family history that was glamorized by magnificent events of tender affection and care; but at the same time, having immaculate compassion for those times that were not as happy.

There were good ones and not so memorable ones, and her husband was always there as a reliable pillar to comfort and cherish her, and also to offer her the moral backing that only he could do, as a faithful person; and the crowd roared and cheered, because she was lovable as a wife and a true human being.

Christie in his flamboyant style and Jersey rhetoric, first told of himself and his own family background in specifics, of an Irish father and a Cecilian mother; but then, he became pragmatic and depicted his main subject, Mitt Romney, as a strong man and a leader that the country could need now to do wonders for it.

In the end, both speakers did a superb job, intimately and independently; they performed very well to cast Mitt Romney in a mold that would make his party proud to have chosen him to lead it to victory in the 2012 presidential election. He has been well described as a staunch husband by his wife, and an excellent administrator by a dear friend.

However, that was not all; that was not enough to qualify him as one to replace President Barack Obama, who, in spite of all odds, has done, and was still doing what he promised the American people, that there was a new social path that would bring the country to more greatness.

The economy was faulting, because it laid in a system that encouraged only a few lucky people with plenty of opportunities and left the majority behind. His responsibility as president would be to modify it (system) to work for most Americans, irrespective of where they had come from.

To open doors that only the wealthy in society could use; as name recognition was synonymous with promotion and progress; and an individual from say Kansas, and without the notoriety (widely known) to propel him forward to fame and fortune, would have an equal chance to prosper.

Even, if that could happen, it took enormous amount of hardship for that person to succeed in the niche that he has chosen, to shine and be a productive citizen. Opportunities did not come easy, but they must never be denied anyone, as long as he or she was prepared and ready to work hard and to make something out of life.

He, Obama, was in the midst of building a middle-class similar to the one that was soon established after the Second World War, to bring America out of a war faraway in other lands, but it had to send troops to fight in the name of freedom, and now it needed to help itself up, economically, by its bootstraps; and it did. It finally became greater than ever; it became the envy of the world.

In that same spirit, the nation could move forward in a better way; and to suddenly ask the promoter of the new lifestyle and image of America to pull out stakes and sit on the sidelines in the roadside would be outrageous.

His economic policies have begun to work, as unemployment was receding and job creation was growing, slowly, but surely; and so that should not be the time for anyone to tell him to stop?

Ann Romney did so magnificently to brush up her husband, Mitt Romney, and made him presentable to her audience; and Chris Christie was so magnanimous in his presentation to the delegates at the august Republican Party Convention in Florida; but they were yet to convince the American people that their man (husband and friend, respectively) could do a better job.

Obama still had the upper hand in the national polls, and if that gain continued, he would win his second term bid as U.S. president in November of 2012.

Mitt Romney had a great day yesterday; but not quite.


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