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An Unchangeable Biological Reality

Updated on April 18, 2017

The Power of Language

There are several Scriptures in the Christian Bible that admonishes an individual not to succumb to the temptation of a bribe. One Scripture, in particular (Exodus 23:8), states that a bribe perverts the dispensation of justice. The Bible also instructs a man to owe another man nothing; except the love of Jesus Christ (Roman 13:8). On March 20th, when I initially started writing this article, Hubpages immediately slapped a do not pay symbol onto it before its completion. The editors disagreed with what I was stating, however, their financial rejection did not dissuade me from completing the article. Why? First of all, I do not write for profit and secondly, my writings do not rise to Hubpages expectations. Since they do not meet Hubpages literary requirements, the web site has never forwarded me a penny for any of the 20 articles I have written. To the editor or editors, please note that my writings are my personal thoughts. Just as you have a right to reject what I write; I have a right to write what I write. In the public domain, that right is not subject to censorship unless my thoughts are slanderous, incendiary, or seditious. When my writings cross the legal line, I concede that I am subject to civil and criminal charges. I have not yet crossed the legal line. My writings represent my understanding of humanity, its interconnection to the cosmos and with Jehovah. Finally, as a Christian, my writings express the realization that Jehovah has established a set of universal moral laws that supersedes the birth of the United States and its judiciary system.

The Fallout

On June 26, 2015, the United States Supreme Court accorded same-sex marriages the same legal rights as heterosexual marriages. That decision changed the dynamics of what was traditionally accepted as the prescribed sexual roles of men and women. One of the collateral outcomes of the ruling was that the Court's decision effectively removed the biological distinctions between the male and female anatomy. The ruling eliminated the necessity for society to distinguish the biological differences between males and females. In doing so, the ruling released a Pandora box of questionable behaviors, practices, and legal absurdities. Case in point, how do members of the medical profession correctly address a transgendered person? A day or so ago, an obstetrician, regardless of his or her sexual orientations, could address a pregnant woman as a mother-to- be. But now, an obstetrician can no longer rely upon his or her training or their own eyes to assess a patient's sex. To avoid litigation, he or she would be wise to receive gender training prior to addressing his or her transgendered patient.

21st Century American Culture

In America, what was once considered the abnormal (homosexuality) has become the norm and what was once considered common knowledge (men and women biological sex identifiers) is subjective, and open to private interpretations. For sure, not every American is happy with the state of debauchery that now exist in the United States. Hopefully, there are some level-headed, even though misguided, homosexuals who are wondering what the hell is going on! My point is who ever heard of a pregnant woman referring to herself as a man and subsequently requesting the doctor to reference her growing female organs as the growing reproductive organs of a man? Likewise, who ever heard of a man donning a pair of women's underwear, a bra, a dress, nylons, makeup, a wig, and a pair of pumps and then sashaying into a gynecologist's office to request a mammogram and a pap smear.

The Emperor's New Clothes

Almost two centuries ago, Danish author, Hans Christian Andersen, wrote a short story entitled The Emperor's New Clothes. According to the story, two weavers were asked to make the Emperor a new suit of clothes. The clothes were invisible to those who were considered unfit, stupid, or incompetent. Not wanting to be labeled unfit, stupid or incompetent, the Emperor's subjects complimented the Emperor on his new clothing. One can only imagine how proudly the Emperor strutted around showing off his new duds. As he prances back and forth a child confounded by the nude sight points in the Emperor's direction, and shouts out "But he isn't wearing anything at all." Perhaps Andersen penned this story to expose the foolishness of an absurdity that was transpiring in his native land.

One's Livelihood

Today, Americans find themselves in the same ridiculous predicament that the Emperor's subjects found themselves. If the Emperor's subjects had said the Emperor was naked they would have been branded unfit and released. Just as the Emperor's subjects needed their salaries, Americans need their livelihoods as well. In numerous private and public institutions, Americans are compelled to comply with the Supreme Court's ruling. To not do so is paramount to shooting one's self in the head. But should Americans stand by and allow the biological understanding of the male and the female anatomy to be rewritten and redefined by individuals who wish to indulge in their own private fantasies? By the way, proponents of these novo cultural and sexual indulgences intrinsically realize that their personal indulgences are biologically impossible. Maybe those of us whose eyes can decipher the anatomy of a man from the anatomy of a woman will do as the child in Andersen's story did; maybe we will shout out "But he is a man; she is a woman; a man can't have a baby; a woman doesn't have a penis; and we are not unfit, stupid or incompetent." Then perhaps doctors, teachers, lawyers, business people, the clergy, and every-day people can believe what their eyes see without fear of social, political, or financial repercussions. After all, the Christian Bible states that out of the mouth of babes you have perfect praise (Matthew 21:16).


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      18 months ago

      Why was Jackie's article rejected?


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