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Updated on April 30, 2011

Majestic, magical....

What happened in London, England, yesterday, was not just a piece of history in the making, but a lesson, by and large, to a world full of disasters, confusion, political upheavals and wars; for it to turn and strive for peace and harmony among all men and women.

The marriage between Prince William and Kate Middleton, was a unique ceremonial episode of peace, poured on a swollen storm of raging waters that would swallow everything standing in the way; which was how the conditions in the world looked like, just the day before.

It was an event designed to give hope to all mankind, stressing that there were better ways to deal with the world's problems.

It was witnessed by three quarters of the world's population, showing that, if nothing at all, we were all citizens of one planet, the earth.

If there was any credit to be given, it should go the British people as a whole, and particularly to the Royal Family; specifically to the Queen of England, Elizabeth 2.

The pomp, circumstance and majesty; tradition and excellence of culture; all brought together in one single place, boggled the mind; a ray of sanity, which was in excess of all the expectations a sad and unsettled world should expect.

It was a show that could only be put on by a nation founded on solid foundations and principles, etiquette and grace, whose sources could not be earthly.

In fact, if there was a heaven, what was seen yesterday in the City of London brought the whole human race close, if not closer to it. A handsome prince and a breathtaking beautiful English debonaire young lady, joining hands in holy matrimony. Nothing could be better to make the Church of England proud; and for its part in the celebration of marriage as a sacred institution.

It was pageantry at its best; and not just any pageantry, but by all standards, a royal one at its very best.

There was joy that unfolded across all nations, and enfolded even people who were enemies; bringing a strange calmness in more than many hearts all around the world, from Australia to Zambia and all that came in between (including Russia and China; of course).

The whole world should be thankful to the British people; and to wish the new Royal couple, His Royal Highness Prince William and Her Royal Highness Princess Kate, a blissful marriage and a wonderful life together.

It (world) would cherish the occasion for many years to come. Thank you, Great Britain; thank you, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Enjoy your new title.


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