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Updated on June 8, 2012

The cynic may have a different view, but there is still hope.

This week has been a conundrum of events, in political, social and even in the "Majestic world", with former president Bill Clinton getting under the skin of President Barack Obama, seemingly in private, because of the closeness of the two.

Yet, the former president's credibility is at stake, for trying to stride between the Obama advocacy and that of his opponent, Mitt Romney, all at the same time. The environment presented by the November presidential election, will not tolerate that kind of behavior.

Also with Sen. John McCain wanting help in the form of arms for the Syrian rebels, though, he fully knows that Iran is involved in the conflict, just as much as Al Qaeda having close ties with the rebels. Therefore, if Obama will send arms to Syria, who will he be helping? Nobody can tell.

Then the same McCain will say that he (Obama) has played the United States into the hands of its enemies, both Al Qaeda and Iran, and that will not look good for the Democratic Party in an election year.

There is also the pageant furor that trans genders are being allowed to participate in women's beauty contests; and an NFL player has come out of the closet; which infuriates many decent people. If he is whatever he says he is, so what? Let him stew in his own juice. Who really cares?

The only good and pleasant news has come from the United Kingdom, with Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll celebrating her Diamond Jubilee of sixty years on the British throne.

The pomp and the majestic display of tradition and culture that only the British can put on to show the rest of the world that there is still some sanity left among us; and that a people can love their queen so much to effect almost everyone to feel the same way about her.

The celebration has brought many nationalities to Great Britain, and they are being united with viewers on television and on other video and audio devices to enjoy a unique circumstance, which will happen only once in history.

The political news coming from Washington D.C., of National Security leaks and the pending of the U.S. Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Health Care Act; the Wisconsin recall election, which has just been a wasteful of time; plus a whole lot of unimaginable events from around the world, like the massacres in Syria, and of which several innocent children are among the dead; all make life unbearable.

To the cynic, that is how life must be, with a mixture of good and bad playing alongside each other; while to the optimists and hopeful, the world will be a better place tomorrow, when all the diabolical images are left behind.

It has been a very busy week, but despite all its ups and downs, it has been one that needs to be experienced, to be a U.S. citizen, and to be part of the human race.


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