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Updated on September 3, 2011

Hoping for something good.

Many people are not certain of what President Barack Obama will say to the joint session of the U.S. Congress next Thursday, 8th. September, 2011. For the moment, the speech is classified, and so the public has no access to it.

Yet, it is to do with his new plan of creating jobs to reduce the unemployment level of 9.1% that is causing the country's fragile economy to go from bad to worse, to put it mildly.

However, when it comes to job creation, Americans know that the private sector or the business world has "corner the market"; and so the federal government has only a limited part to play, by way of introducing programs that normally deal with the traditional kinds of work, such as the nation's infrastructure repairs, maintenance and management.

One can throw in social programs that are financed by the government through state and local authorities. That will be the government's involvement, as far as job creation goes.

In other words, the scope of government work is not as big as the private sector's; and because of that, more hiring is done by large and small businesses in the private sector. The government's scope accommodates just a fraction of unemployment, therefore, the private sector assumes a bigger share of job hiring; but there is no demarcation in any sense, as the two scopes can be made to overlap or inter-phase with each other, such as government contracts going to individual and private companies.

The nation's economy is presently groaning under the strain of a heavy unemployment level, which happens to be too high (9.1%); and if the Obama administration does allow the private sector to absorb the millions of people who are now unemployed, the situation will change overnight.

However, the private sector or the business world is complaining about incessant government regulations that are preventing businesses from hiring; and if the president's presentation will address that problem, the result will be a win, win accomplishment for all concerned.

The only thing that can really help to resolve the issue is by putting party politics aside; and that is if Republicans will agree with Democrats, instead of fighting with each other, and so causing gridlocks in Congress, there will be peace and joy all around.

The economy will get better, if the Obama administration will dampen some of its regulations on businesses. It is assumed that the Labor Unions have also been brought in for their advisement to make things easy in the workplace; and that the government will put each piece of advise to use, to benefit both employers and workers.

The bickering in Washington D.C. must stop, for the business of the nation to be carried out in an atmosphere of peace and harmony.

Many Americans are hoping that is what the mainstay of the president's message to Congress, and the nation as a whole, will be on Thursday night.


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