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Updated on June 16, 2012

Shouldn't people know?

Mitt Romney, the Republican Party's presumptive candidate to challenge President Barack Obama in the 2012 general election, has not made a single policy or mission statement on the campaign trail.

Moreover, when he had the chance to do so, on Obama's newest comment on some immigrants not to be deported, although they were here illegally, as they have been born in the country by undocumented parents or were brought here under the age of 16, he was practically mum.

In reacting to Obama's new stance on the immigration issue, all Romney could do was to follow in the footsteps of Sen. Marco Rubio and stating thus, "I believe the status of young people who come here through no fault of their own is an important matter to be considered, and it should be resolved on a long-term basis." (, 06/16/12).

Also that, the president has used an executive order to promulgate his policy, and as such, he considered it as "just a short term matter. It could be reversed by some president."

Throughout out his campaign, he has been criticizing the president all the way, and even being able to predict what the president would wound up saying in his speeches; however, what people were waiting to hear was what he, Romney, would do, if he won the election.

Obama has proposed improvements in education and transportation. The innovative ideas that Americans had for new inventions in all areas of technology for the country to remain the cutting edge of modern living, he has enunciated.

His insistence of new sources of energy, of solar, wind, natural gas and other renewable sources to take America off the list of oil producing countries was well documented, as they were elaborated in what he said on the campaign trail.

Yet, the economy that Romney was nagging the president on, and wanting the country to elect him (Romney) on in 2012, has almost been lost in the litany of criticisms of where it (economy) was going under Obama.

The only thing he has been harping on was the Affordable Health Care Act that he intended to repeal; and even there too he has not made clear what he would replace it with. His own health care plan, when he was governor of Massachusetts, was akin to what he has often described as "Obamacare" to his audiences.

Nonetheless, what Romney would do as president remained obscure to many voters. He has failed to talk extensively about conservative and moral values that his party claimed to have made America great.

He wanted people to take him for face worthiness of just getting the economy on track and putting the millions of unemployed Americans back to work; however, how he would do so, he was not prepared to give the nation a clue.

At first, the risk of choosing a new president seemed difficult, as Obama's economic policies were slow in dealing with the situation that the country was in; but at least, an attempt was being made by the president to steer farther away from any type of fiscal trouble, and his economic recovery was gradually picking up momentum.

On the other hand, Romney was being propped up by the super-PAC finances; with huge political contributions coming from a great number of millionaires and from Wall Street, to help his campaign to put out strenuous advertisements in the media to attack the president.

His (Romney's) image of sitting behind a desk in a white shirt and tie, and his background of executive business experience were his main qualifications; but what he would do as president still remained, for most of the time, a mystery.

Obama might have the Republicans and conservatives opposing his ideas; but at least they knew what he was up to, even if only for the short term. However, for Romney, his policies were only known to his closest associates and perhaps the GOP establishment. Wasn't it about time that the whole country heard what he had in mind?

The choice of a president in 2012 would not be all that hard, if Romney would frankly state his policies about the future of America for people to tell him from Obama. Both were politicians, and they (people) would want to know their ideological philosophies before they voted for any of them; and that would make everything easy for everybody.


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    • handymanbill profile image

      Bill 5 years ago from western pennsylvania

      You have pointed out one of the reasons I have problems getting behind Romney. I do not care for Obama either. So as a voter it makes for hard decisions as to who to vote for. Hopefully time will tell as the election draws nearer.