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What Is Codex Alimentarius

Updated on September 8, 2014

Created in 1963 by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and World Health Organization (WHO), funded by the United Nations,  their official website state that there purpose is to protect the health of consumers and to ensure fair trade practices in the food trade. That is what their site says but if you google the name you will find something all together different. In 1996 a representative of the company proposed that all herbs, vitamins and minerals that are sold for therapeutic or preventative reasons should be reclassified as DRUGS. In order to understand them and their ways we must first start at the beginning, how and why did they come about............

Anti-WTO  banner
Anti-WTO banner
Korean Anti- WTO Protester
Korean Anti- WTO Protester
Philippine Anti-WTO Protester
Philippine Anti-WTO Protester
 IG Farben factory in 1942
IG Farben factory in 1942

At the 2005 National Association Of Nutrition Professionals Conference (NANP) Rima E. Laibow M.D. spoke to the audience to enlighten them to the method of the madness of Codex Alimentarius. The information that she shared was shocking, she stated" The Codex Alimentarius is a threat to the freedom of people to choose natural healing and alternative medicine and nutrition. "

After World War 2 the United States and Britain held the Nuremberg War Criminal Tribunal. Anyone convicted of crimes against humanity.....mass murder, slavery and other war crimes would be sentenced to imprisonment.Twenty four of I.G.Farben's board members were found guilty. Farben who was also found guilty was the president of a huge chemical industry conglomerate. I.G.Farben produced Zyklon B which is the gas that was used in the gas chambers during WW2, his company produced the steel that was used for the concentration camps and railroads, they produced chemicals.......Although his crimes were great his prison term wasn't. After Nuremberg and he got out of prison, with the aid of some of his United Nations (U.N.) buddies he created Codex Alimentarius. Yes this man was allowed to create a Trades Commission in 1962 and their dreams were to work towards total global implementation of Codex by the year 12/31/2009.

You may ask yourself what does all this mean to me, so let us dig deeper and uncover what our eyes refuse to see. By setting up different committees on fish, fats and oils,ground nuts, fruits and vegetables......they have set up standards for everything that you can put into your mouth except for pharmaceuticals. He who controls the food controls the people.

In 1994 the World Trade Organization (WTO) wanted a set of rules to settle trade disputes so they excepted Codex to do just that. Who is the WTO " they are the only international body dealing with rules of trade between nations. The Dietary Supplemental Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA) passed a bill stating that Nutrients and Herbs are food. Which means that we have free access to them. Codex decided that nutrients were poison, which means that they are toxic and need standards set to them. In order to have their way Codex needs to over turn this bill, which they are in the process of doing by way of Legislation.There are 5 bills before Congress designed to get rid of DSHEA and to turn all of the focus back to Codex.

In 2001 the U.S. along with 176 other countries banded 12 of the worst organic chemicals known to man. 9 of the 12 are pesticides, Codex brought back 7 of the 9 because they are smarter than 176 countries. If any of the foods treated with these chemicals that are being imported or exported are stopped at the boarder it will be treated as a trade violation. I am sure that there are many who have heard rumors about a population reduction, well if codex is not stopped that 3 billion that are rumored to die from preventable diseases will die due to preventable diseases through under-nutrition.

I ask that no one take my word for anything, research it yourself because I would like to be wrong.

© 2010 loveofnight


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