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Updated on April 23, 2012

Voters must see the difference.

"Pre-buttal" is the newest word buzzing in the media this morning, and it is the strategy that the surrogates of Mitt Romney, the presumptive candidate of the Republican Party for the 2012 presidential election are adopting.

The will send their candidate a few days or so ahead of President Barack Obama to where he will be appearing, and then they will get him to make a similar speech, giving answers and criticism to the president's speech before he even makes it.

That (strategy) will make the media to write reports about Romney twice, and having his speech to intertwine with that of the president (as the media know how to do very well). Such as counteracting Obama's foreign policy, with Romney's own solutions from a "foreign policy" think tank in his group.

However, it also looks like the Romney campaign is attempting to pull the wool over voters' eyes, in an election so pivotal and astutely important, to be involved in political dirty games; and many consider that as demonstrating pure dishonesty, if nothing else.

Yet, nobody can deny that, even at this stage, when the two campaigns are getting ready, there sure is a difference in their outlooks. In that, while Obama was bringing a balance into the economy, by asking those, who have benefited more from it (economy) to contribute more in taxes, Romney will take the advise of the right wing of his party to give more tax breaks to the wealthy.

Paul Ryan budget does that, and Romney whole heartedly supports it. Besides, Wall Street will have a field day, when all the trade regulations are shoved aside for just profit making. Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid will all be hit hard and drastically reduced in that budget.

Cheap jobs will be floated into the economy to swell employment, while the good ones are spawned in places like China and India, for the sake of low wages for the people there to increase the profits of corporations, banks and big companies. They will outsource jobs, just to make money in return; and that is what the Obama regulations are doing to the so called free market, and therefore the wealthy are not happy. That is the snapshot of Romney's world.

On the other hand, the middle class and working people, who have built a strong economy for the country soon after WW2, and need to be pampered to continue doing so will be weakened. Collective bargaining powers of Trade Unions will be reduced to nothing; like teachers and nurses losing their benefits and part of their pensions to appease dogmatic conservative governors.

The "Buffett Rule" is just the prelude to what the Obama administration wants for workers and their families; and the Affordable Health Care Act to help the poor and the needy; something that Romney has sworn to abolish.

Therefore, the die is cast, even as we speak, that there will be two clearly defined directions before the American voting public, come this November, and they must choose the one that looks forward to the future.

They have to be able to distinguish between what is good and what is archaic; one that encourages real progress and prosperity for all people alike, which Obama is advocating; or one which foments the notion that the idea of "the rich becoming richer and the poor, poorer" is far more better, whose advocacy is his (Obama's) opponent.

"Pre-buttal" or no "pre-buttal"; is it doing any thing good? That is the question. However, voters will be hard pressed to answer it any differently; that America must move forward and forget about the status quo; that is sprinkling cheap jobs around and calling it job creation.

That is old fashioned, and it does not make good economics.


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