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Updated on August 8, 2012

True character and confidence.

Mitt Romney's English is weird, to say the least; as for a example, "He is serving up a dish that is in contradiction to the truth," Romney told Fox News.

What does that really mean? Being "severely conservative" as governor is another one that has featured in a statement earlier in the campaign.

His latest is "Obamaloney", which is just sarcastic. However, he must realize that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit; and for a political party to have a candidate to be that kind of a person reflects badly on his party as well, and suggesting that the party itself does not take things seriously.

He coined that phrase to ridicule President Barack Obama, but he was also making the 2012 election campaign to be a joke of "let them laugh" caliber.

"I will say anything that comes to mind to cast a stupid aspersion on my opponent," he might have been saying, but that portrayed the true character of the man.

His experience in the world was shallow that when one used repugnant words to describe another person in a really serious setting, such as the atmosphere that the coming presidential election was in, made for a wasted opportunity.

It might be true that Obama called Romney a Robinhood in reverse; but looking at that closely, he was referring to the policies that Romney himself has been putting out on the campaign trail; that he would "cut taxes" for job creation to come about.

That immediately indicated that he was considering lowering taxes of the section of society that his party claimed to be "job creators" or the 2% of the population. Yet, when taxes were lowered for some, wouldn't it stand to reason that the tax rate of the majority of the people, the other 98%, would automatically go up?

In other words, Obama is using the phrase "Romneyhood" to attack the policies "that tax the poor to help the rich," as he is not attacking Romney's person in actuality or trying to make him look derisive in any way, shape or form.

In Romney's mind, if he uses "baloney" in connection with the name "Obama", he will make his rival into a laughing stock; which is a direct attack on his person and not his policies.

If he, Romney, and his supporters do not see the difference between the two characterizations, then Heaven must help them.

Besides, Romney has been ducking questions throughout the campaign, as for example, when he left Bain Capital and whether it was in 1999 or long after. The SEC filings by the company still listed him as the CEO long after that year; but why?

He has not fully answered that; or when he was confronted with the question of his tax returns that have not been filed for ten protracted years, his reaction was "put up or shut up," and if that wasn't a ridiculous response, nothing else should be.

Instead, the Republicans were attacking the credibility of Senator Reid, who has brought up that question.

"There is a way to resolve this dispute ... which is for the governor to follow a tradition that was established by his own father many years ago of presidential candidates releasing multiple years of his tax return," "White House spokesman Carney chimed in Tuesday." (CNN, 8/08/12)....(and Carney being the WH press secretary Jay Carney).

That was clearly a responsible answer; and it indicated the seriousness of the White House approach toward any pertinent question that affected the quality of the political process on the campaign trail.

As far as his own (Romney's) malapropism or syntax of the English language was concerned, his party leaders should do something about that, if that was not too late.

However, the fact is, language makes the man.


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