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Updated on July 4, 2012

Very little or a lot; you decide for yourself.

Mitt Romney has told the whole world the two things he was smart and passionate about, and they should be the economy and repealing "Obamacare"; period. Apart from that he has an empty head and no real ambition for the United States.

He (Romney) has no firm knowledge of foreign affairs, let alone effecting a better foreign policy; but according to C. Krauthammer of Fox News Special Report fame, he would be tough on Iran than President Barack Obama.

Why he should say so was beyond everybody's expectation, because he knew that Romney was an empty vessel, in terms of dealing with important political issues.

What he would actually do, the learned syndicated columnists did not say; however, was he (Krauthammer) suggesting that Romney should bomb Iran into smithereens, and then America would be at peace? WHAT?

How about Afghanistan and the whole of the Far East? In Afghanistan he (Romney) would continue to wage war against the Taliban; he would be so serious about the insurgency there, he would batter the insurgents until they changed their religion, from Islam to Mormonism.

He would get president Hamid Karzai of that country to domicile in the U.S. Yes, he would grant him permanent residency. "What do you want to go back there for?" he would ask Karzai; and then he would add, "I have everything here for you; stay in my country for good." with him (Romney) not knowing what he was exactly saying.

The American media would swamp him with questions about Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, etc. etc.; he wouldn't even know the names of the political and military leaders there. All he would be thinking was to outsource cheap jobs there, and the Chapati pancake eaters would be happy; like what he did in China, where he moved many high paid jobs from the U.S. for cheap labor there; and as a result, he has more business friends there than anywhere else in the world.

If that was not the best foreign policy he could come up with, to Hell with the media. He, however, was certain that the American people would boot him out the next day; and for being rightly so, because they knew the man was without real political know-how.

His 2012 election campaign was weak, and now his handlers were trying to prop it up with the U.S. Supreme Court deciding on the Affordable Care Act as being constitutional; and that Chief Justice John Roberts might have changed sides at the last minute, under political pressure, to uphold the law; and he shouldn't have done so. WHAT?

Who, however, was exerting that pressure on Chief Justice Roberts was a mystery; and even so, under any circumstances, he had every right to do whatever he wanted with his vote.

It must be noted that Chief Justice Roberts was a person of high integrity; an honest and honorable man, and should the Republican propaganda machinery attack him for being fair? What was a judge for, but to decide a case equitably and "let the chips fall where they may".

He, Roberts, has done his job; and for the conservative editorial boardrooms of all those news outlets to be hostile to him was uncalled for. In fact, it was unethical.

The whole country owed him a great debt of gratitude for moving his court in the right direction, with the onus on fairness; and that was what judiciary courts were all about.

Besides, his decision was also a prognostication that, if the highest court in the land was allowed to be lopsided, with conservatives outnumbering liberals, justice as a whole would be headed for unfair jurisprudence. It would jeopardize critical decisions on many controversial cases; and that was not what the general public wanted to happen.

Many Americans, who were independents or did not have party affiliation of any kind, would want to choose a president, who knew what to do to get rid of America's enemies; as Bin Laden being removed, and his organization, al Qaeda, being left in shambles. One, who would carefully size up an issue before he acted, like Libya; and thus bringing respect to America by other nations.

To them, the choice was clear, as Obama has done all those things; and he might have his shortfalls as all politicians did, but when it came to being broadminded and "getting the job done", he was always productive; and so, he would be extremely hard to beat, even by a rich, business executive, who nobody knew what he would do in a crisis.

On this Independence Day, the people of this great nation would ponder the thought that, though gradually, but steadily, progress was being made on the economic front, with Obama at the head; and that would be better than nothing or mere promises, going into the future.


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