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Updated on September 24, 2012

That is what most voters are thinking about.

Mitt Romney is afraid of everything about him to come out; and he is so cagey on issues that are in the Republican Party platform, which he supports; otherwise, why will he be representing the party in the 2012 presidential election?

Case in point no.1. He would cut taxes for "job creators", who mostly happen to be in the 2% bracket or the wealthy in society. 2. He has Swiss account(s), which he does not want to disclose. 3. The American motor industry will not be around, if his way to deal with its crisis has been adopted. 4. When it comes to women's reproductive rights, he will prefer to dictate what has to be done with the highly and serious questions on abortion.

All these are facts that voters have to know before they vote in November of this year. They have to be aware of where the candidates stand on every single problem that the country is facing for them to make up their minds as to whom to vote for.

Of course, jobs in the private sector are what over 14 million Americans are clamoring for; but it is not going to be a narrow minded election in which a candidate says he can create jobs and so he must be elected president.

There must be a whole assessment of what one's outlook on life is, that he or she really cares about the throng and masses of people that are working hard to educate their children, to put food on the table for their families, and to make life comfortable for themselves in their retirement years.

One, who will take the national security of the country to a greater extent of defending the United States by getting rid of its enemies, like Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda leaders, who are always posing a threat; and to reinforce the U.S. military to be the strongest and the best in the world.

Someone who knows what diplomacy means and will take it seriously, and will be pragmatic and level-headed, when dealing with other nations. One, who will not say things to offend America's closest friend and ally, the United Kingdom, like Romney, this past Summer in regard to the London Olympic Games.

One, who will not play politics with an attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya; and say that it is because of "American values", that the attack has come about, when the real reason is a movie of Muhammad being denigrated for Muslims around the world to go wild.

Of course, jobs and the country's flagging economy are important, but people are not going to look at just those two things and say "here, take it; the presidency is yours," as that will be absurd, for they (people) will want to know how or what one will do to achieve that end.

None of the things listed here (above) is about President Barack Obama; and needless to say that they are all about his challenger, Gov. Mitt Romney. Yet, he refuses to admit that being in an election is not like a horse in a race, to look straight ahead, with blinds to control it (horse) from any form of distraction.

It is a human experience that calls for enormous magnanimity and forthright intelligence, to examine all things very carefully before decisions are made about them. They are essential qualities that a leader must have to go into a world that is strewn with dangerous obstacles of all kinds, and whose future is still unknown; whether there will be war, and if so, what kind, ordinary field warfare or even nuclear? When will it happen?.......

The United Nations can hardly sustain itself, as there are so many world problems to address; and there is the question of nuclear proliferation, who must have that kind of technology and who is to be prevented from having it, and what it will be used for; and also its members are incapable of solving such mayhem going on in Syria and other places, because they are so difficult to solve.

Not only that, but U.S. itself also has terrorism to cope with, as it must be watched at all times, just as it has suddenly cropped up in Libya, on the same day as the atrocious 9/11, 2001.

All these issues have to be considered by voters, to see who will be a fitting and strong leader to handle them. Therefore, it is not that people want to pry into the privacy of the two candidates, Obama or Romney; but they must have the ability to distinguish between them, as to who will be able to measure up to their (people's) expectations, for a peaceful and prosperous future of the U.S.


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