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Updated on March 1, 2011

Making statements like those that follow in this article certainly tends to date a person but someone needs to ask, where are all the ladies? Where did they go?

Where are the sweet young girls, in pretty dresses, with nice manners and soft voices?

So many of today’s young girls strut down the street packed into tight shorts with half their derrieres hanging out, there bosoms pushed up and hanging out of the too tight short shirts with bra straps showing, with stomachs bare and tattoos covering their young skin. Most of them look ridiculous but they are convinced they look fabulous and sexy.

I’d really like to know what kind of guy is attracted by this repulsive, unladylike and grotesque display? Are you out there? Do you guys that find this attractive? It’s so common.

I'd really like to hear your answer.

You cannot flip through the channels without being inundated by young girls in too short skirts and too low necklines, posing and gyrating around the screen, and always, always the legs are spread wide. Why is that? Do you young men find this inviting? Is this the sweet girl you want to take home to mom and dad and family? Is this the girl that will join your family on special occasions? How could you trust her not to show up in one of those outfits, spew out vulgar words, slaughter the English language?

All these young women seem to crave attention. They demand attention by competing with each other to see who can be the loudest. One television station likes to repeat this mantra, “Live out loud” over and over again.

I’m sorry but I was raised to be modest, keep my voice low, dress in something sweet and look feminine. Ah the sixties! I actually owned several crinoline petticoats to put under by June Cleaver dresses.

Today’s women at least the ones we see all the time do nothing to earn respect or admiration. They achieve nothing, much like the Kardashians whose claim to fame is being famous. They contribute nothing of value to society, they don’t invent anything, they don’t create any brilliant writing, they lack the discipline to become fine pianists, or ballet dancers or trained singers. They simply put on clothes that are too small, glop up their faces with too much makeup, show their butts and boobs, get drunk and talk very loud and swear. And mix in cosmetic surgery to make their body parts as conspicuous as possible.

It seems that absolutely anything goes if you can just get your face in front of people. If you can just get people to talk about you, or your clothes or your cleavage, or your cosmetically enhanced butt. Desperately trying to outdo each other they appear to be screaming, “LOOK AT ME.” So take off your clothes and tape it and share with millions on the Internet

I’m so embarrassed for them.

Well I’m an old grandmother now but I find these girls pitiful and I’m sure somewhere there are many lovely girls going quietly about their lives, striving for excellence, setting goals and achieving things of significance, contributing to society and making their parents proud. Aren’t there?

Yah, there are, like the athletes and the ballet dancers and the musicians and the students. We get to see them at the Olympics or the concert halls and we can read their poetry and enjoy their music. You go girls!


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    • mslizzee profile image

      elizabeth 6 years ago from Buncombe County, NC

      thank you Joyce. I'm afraid I've become an old fuddy duddy, so I appreciate the support.


    • Joyce F profile image

      Joyce F 6 years ago from USA

      Great Hub! I've been wondering where all the ladies have gone for years. And it is not only the tattoos, muffin tops, ad exposed thongs. There are a lot of ways to get attention - good attention - without looking like a tramp. I guess this dates us both. Voted up, useful and funny.