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Updated on August 6, 2012



Amanda born in the small islands came toCanadaat the age of 9 years old, growing up in a hard life inCanada; Amanda started working at the age of 13 years old. She was picked up by a school bus after school that took her to a tomato farm near her home town ofWindsor,Ontario. Through the years Amanda struggled to get through school and worked under her circumstances and at the age of 18 years old she was able to flee her burdened environment for further college education.

Amanda wanted to be a writer but after years of being told and treated like she wasn’t worth much she entered into school to become a travel agent rather than the Journalist that she wanted to be. Still nothing stopped Amanda from believing that she was worth something and so, on her own she took on two jobs while going to school.

Amanda never drank, she never smoke and she never did drugs, and she had very few friends because she didn’t want to hang around with people that were not positive influences in her life.

Amanda thought that if she went to school in the multicultural city ofTorontothat she would be amongst her own small island people but she was wrong. Now it was her own people that were judging her, because they classified her as different. They said that because Amanda spoke perfect English, rather than the broken English of the islands that she thought she was better than them. No one wanted to know that if she didn’t speak proper English that her mother would repeatedly smack her in the mouth. No one wanted to know who she was and where she came from they just wanted to hate her.

They said they didn’t like the way she walked with her head up and proud, no one wanted to know that if she didn’t allow herself to walk with her head up with pride that she would have to succumb to the shame of being worth nothing. That nothing, which she was told she was through out her life and she knew she was worth something, so she never walked with her head down.

They said that they didn’t like the way she looked, but no one wanted to know that she could do nothing about the dark colour of her skin. No one wanted to know the she lost her smile at 9 years old and that her hard face was from her years of refusing to cry every time her mother repeatedly beat her. She would take her repeated beatings over and over again because she did nothing wrong to deserve such beatings and her mother would only stop beating her once she started to bleed.

It was there that they created the new name for her, “Jungle Bunny” and it followed her throughout college but it never stopped Amanda because she knew she was worth something.

As life went on and after an unexplained situation Amanda gave birth to a baby boy. She knew that she had all this love inside of her that she could give to her son and she kept him so she could love him. She want to show him what love was and she knew that loving him would bring a smile to her face and that was exactly what it did.

A few years later Amanda in meta man in Toronto, from a small town in the Republic of Ireland, she did not know much about the country but she opened up for the first time and gave him a chance. She fell in love, got married and later had two more children.

Amanda realized early in the marriage that things seemed wrong; he didn’t seem to even love her, so she talked to him and explained that a divorce would be the best thing for them. He didn’t want a divorce and soon Amanda found that she was getting sicker and sicker. Her days, weeks, months and years slipping away from her and she didn’t know why.

Amanda was in so much pain that she though her life was coming to an end and she prepared her children for her demise. Years had gone by and she had no clear vision why she had left her great job inTorontoto move to her old city to start over again.

She wasn’t even sure why she was still married to someone that she knew clearly didn’t love her; because she knew she was more. She had taken years of abuse and listened as he minimized it, her children were crying for her to stay home with them and not leave them with him. Yet Amanda felt like she had no power and no control, her body was weakening, her mind was lost and the only focus she could have was on her children and working to support them.

A doctor finally put a name on that continuous pain that Amanda was feeling, the doctor called it Fibromyalgia but when Amanda looked up this disease the symptoms she was having were beyond them.

As strange things were happening around her home Amanda finally had a thought and she went to a clinic and had them test her for poison. It was a shock to her when the doctor came back and told her that she had large amounts of drugs in her system.

Amanda didn’t smoke and may have had a drink on the odd occasions but she certainly did not do drugs.

Amanda’s memories struggled to come back to her and she was able to put the clues together.

Amanda worked nights and she remembered coming home early a few nights and watching men run out the back door of her house and her husband saying to her that she was seeing things. She remember walking in on him in the bathroom snorting something just a week ago but he had slammed the door so hard in her face almost breaking her nose that she had forgotten what she saw.

She remembered the children telling her repeatedly that there were people in the house at nights when she was at work and the kids were suppose to be in bed but when Amanda would asked her husband about it he said that the children were lying.

She remembered that whenever she took her sleeping pills to sleep in the day that she could hear foot steps in the house and feel people tugging at her body but she had passed it off as a bad dream. Amanda remembed waking up with her nose burning and needle holes in her legs but she thought that she had bumped into something but couldn’t remember.

She recognized that whenever she was on the phone it was like someone was listening to her conversation and then, just then Amanda realized that her husband had bugged her phone as well.

As Amanda searched her mind over and over again she realized that her husband was responsible for all the things that were happening to her, she realized that her husband from a small town in theRepublicofIreland, was trying to kill her but he wasn’t doing it alone.

Amanda remembered all the people that were in and out of their lives and she recognized a few more things. Her husband was not only gay and using drugs, he was selling them outside the back of their house, that was why he kept changing their outdoor white light to green or red. She had argued with him about it, she had told him that she could not see outside when she let the dog out, she would change the bulb but he would change it back.

He was being helped by his family and the people that worked with him, he would say that he didn’t receive a bonusand they would back him up but he did receive a bonus and they were putting the money into another bank account that she didn’t know he had at the time. They would say he was at work when he wasn’t or cover for him when he disappeared and then Amanda remembered that her husband had once mentioned that he used to belong to the IRA. It is only then that Amanda realized that he probably still belonged to the IRA; she then realized that the IRAwas not something someone gets out of.

Amanda had found all the paper work; her husband had taken out life insurance on her that she knew nothing about. He had cars that she knew nothing about and he had a one bedroom apartment that he was sharing with another man, one that he worked with.

Amanda had found out just how much of a sociopath this man that she had married was and as she struggled to get herself away, the children spoke clear and precise and this time Amanda could hear exactly what they were saying.

Her husband was not just abusing her; he was abusing the children as well.

Amanda cried, she cried for the years that she had refused to cry; she cried and cried for all the love that she had given her children; she was the one that brought into their home the monster that would haunt them forever.

She could not take back what her husband had done to her children, she could not make it go away, she could not fix it, and she couldn’t even love it away. Amanda cried and cried and cried.

She put back on that hard face and, other than her love for her children, no one else occupied her heart, she was in for the fight of her life to get her children away from that monster. The children were too wounded to speak to anyone but Amanda and she knew that he had set her up, so her word would count for nothing.

He had set up his lies, his world and his people in all the areas that mattered for him to keep all the money and contact with the children, Amanda had the fight of her life on her hands. What he had forgotten was that Amanda had been fighting since the age of 9 and she knew how to fight, the only thing that mattered to Amanda was her children.

Even the Legal Aid lawyer wouldn’t fight for Amanda because he said that he was not being paid enough to fight for her. The courts and lawyers were stacked against Amanda; she even believed that her husband was paying her lawyer to represent him under the table because at most times it seemed that he was her husband’s lawyer and not hers.

Amanda didn’t let that weigh her down, she did not let that stop her, she knew she was worth something and her children were worth something and with that Amanda did what she always did best, she fought back. She knew what no one else knew about her husband and that was that underneath all his nastiness he was a coward, afraid of going to jail, afraid of getting caught. He was weak and he would fold if he believed there was any chance of him going to jail.

Amanda had taken all the files that her husband had forgotten to remove and without ever speaking to him directly, she knew he was tapping her phone and her computer; so she made sure he knew that she would gladly spend ten years in jail if it meant that he would do twenty.

She knew that whatever he had done or was doing that he had attached her name to it but she let him know that she wouldn’t let it stop her from bringing him down.

She took all his illegal paper work to Revenue Canada, she let them know that all these companies that he had been collecting on for years did not exist and that she had nothing to do with it.

She filed several police reports about all the things that he had done and was doing, each and every time he harassed her she reported it so there was a record of it.

Amanda knew that the $80,000.00 or so that they had been saving over the years for the children’s education was not coming back. She heard her husband as he yelled out “she’s not getting any money, don’t give her any money”. So when her lawyer started taking spousal support off the table she knew it sounded shifty but she didn’t pay attention to it.

Amanda was now disabled and unable to work, she was getting help from government assistance, her house that she lived in with her children was under foreclosure but she didn’t worry about that, all she wanted was her children away from her husband and safe.

The final meeting when all had to be written down, her lawyer got her no spousal support and he did not even attempt to get her back any of the money that her husband had stolen and then he tried to tell Amanda that he could do joint custody so that it looked like sole custody.

Amanda stood up and looked at him, “I want sole and complete custody of my children and I am taking them and leaving this city, and you tell my husband, that I said I will take this all the way to trial even if I have to fight it myself.”

The lawyer took a deep breath and got up and went into the next room where her husband was and when he came back he said, “Ok you have sole custody and you can leave”.

There were other things on the paper, like visiting and so on but Amanda knew that once she left this small town with her children, her husband would never get the chance to harm her children again.

Amanda, a woman who had worked hard most of her life and was now left disabled and unable to work then had to flee to a new city so that she could begin the healing of her abused children, abused by non other than their father in their own home.

She had been given no vindication for the harm that had been done to her and her children by a nasty sociopath and his family/friends. She had been given no money to live on or to help heal her children; she was on her own with her children that would thenand for the rest of their lives need extra care.

However Amanda had always known that she was worth something no matter what happened to her in her life and she also knew that her children were worth something too and if nothing else, they would always know that she loves them.

So tell me, where is the Justice For Amanda?


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    • cocquetteadams profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Durham Region

      no it is not

    • maxoxam41 profile image


      6 years ago from USA

      Is it fictional?


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