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Updated on April 20, 2012

...That is none of the issues.

The dog eating joke, starting assuredly from the Mitt Romney campaign, is getting out of hand.

It is being circulated on the social as well as in mainstream media for the past few days, and the fun of it is not as funny anymore, particularly, when Senators and past presidential candidate losers join in to take swipes at President Barack Obama.

Sen. John McCain has a picture of his son's dog, Apollo, on CNN front page accompanying a tweet that refers to the presidents autobiographical book or memoir, "Dreams From My Father," and indicating how far the joke has reached.

It has become a political club to hit Obama everywhere he turned; and that, if it was not Romney himself or a leading member of his campaign staff getting in the game, then it was one of his associates flanking him to make him look authentic.

This time, it was a former Republican Party candidate, who lost to Obama in the 2008 presidential election, John McCain. In all honesty, he was thinking that prolonging the farce would help his friend, Romney; and so he quipped on thus,

"Good pic of my son Jimmy's bulldog, Apollo - I'm sorry Mr. President, he's not on the menu!"

.....and if that was not clearly lethargic, then nothing else should be. In that the 2012 presidential election should be taken more seriously than just pushing pranks in the media to attract the feign hearted or such people, who would not be bothered to go to the polling booth in November to cast their vote.

That was what they (pranks) would do; to make the whole exercise of voting as lackadaisical and uninteresting as possible, and even funny; and those people would not take it (voting) seriously.

When in fact, the 2012 general election should be one of the most important events in history, that so much was at stake, such as the National debt, the large deficit the government should deal with, the budget, the sluggish economy and its collateral huge unemployment rate of 8.2%; and those were just the domestic issues to preoccupy the minds of both the government and the people.

Looking on the outside to Europe, the failed economies there were bound to affect the United States economy, as they would bring monetary slump to the stock exchange and other financial markets here.

The enormous and complex foreign policy involving the war in Afghanistan, the strained relations with Pakistan, the Iranian nuclear program, North Korean missile launches to destable the peace in the Far East, the Syrian crisis, etc., etc.

There was nothing jocular about any of those problems that the president, whoever that might be, has to grapple with. The responsibility of all citizens should be to scrutinize the candidates and to take the campaigns that they were conducting to be ones that would solve America's problems and would meet the needs of its people.

A nation having a sense of humor was one thing, but taking swipes to ridicule decent people, just for the sake of doing so was another; as many would like to see our political leaders showing tenacity and fairness in their effort to make the forthcoming election a very important one.

This blog has the belief that the economy should be the main concern domestically, for it to grow and to put millions of people to work; and that it (economy) should not be directed from anywhere else, but from the White House. (Apologies to Wall Street).

With that said, nothing should be jocular about the candidates that the people would vote for in the 2012 presidential election; as "man eats dog" was not part of the issues the country was facing.


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